The Tale of Two Car Covers

Summer 2016 was one for the record books. I took a trip that I had been planning for quite some time. I think every person at one point or another dreams of packing up the car and heading out on the open road. Just you and the Rand-McNally and your trusty steed. Or, in my case, my “new-to-me” 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. See, my Jeep obsession started when I was a kid. My dad always drove a Jeep Wrangler. There was no better feeling than summer cruising with the top down and doors off. I however wanted to take this experience to a whole new level. I wanted to drive coast to coast with no top. No doors. No nothing.

Daring, yes? A little bit stupid, probably. A ton of fun, you nailed it! Planning a preparation would be integral to my trip. I would need to include rain gear for one thing but on the other hand, I would also need a few car covers. Fortunately, I have quite a few friends that also live the Jeep life and own a handful of car covers. They explained to me the benefits of a custom-made, high-quality car cover versus a universal fit car cover that had the quality of being a waterproof car cover. Waterproof car covers are great for those pop-up rainstorms I might experience along the way. That was exactly what I would need. However, I also wanted something a little lighter weight and packable for those quick stops in the larger cities where the main purpose would be to deter prying eyes from my Jeep full of cross country necessities. For this purpose, my buddy down the street referred me to Car Cover World.

These fine folks were able to explain the differences in fabrics and steer me toward the selection of car covers that would suit my needs not only for my road trip but, something that I could use after the fact as well. Out of all of the car covers, I ended up with an awesome red-colored one called the Weathershield HP. This cover is awesome! Lightweight and packs in a super small pouch. Instead of purchasing a bag for the cover though, I went down to the local Army-Navy store and bought a medium duffel to keep both the waterproof cover and the custom-made cover in. Very happy with my purchase. Both of these items really made my trip much less stressful. Not that I didn’t get a soggy head in a few mid-west, pop-up thunderstorms but I could always depend on my seat being dry every morning along my adventure.