Fairly Odd Sized Car Covers

I am not your typical automotive enthusiast. I don’t collect high-end vehicles and car covers as you might imagine. You see several years ago, ok maybe 20 years ago, when I retired from the Army, I picked up somewhat of a habit.

I began collecting antique Conestoga wagons. I have collected original pieces as well as reproductions of original pieces that were used to cross the United States. Some of these wagons date back to the times of Lewis and Clarke and their great journey across the US to what is now the west coast of the continental US. Much to my wife’s dismay I have amassed quite a collection and have since expanded from our four-car garage into a display at a local area high school. The high school has used some of my antique reproductions as educational pieces in certain areas of its curriculum. I am grateful that they are finding much use for them.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that a few of the wagons that I had been storing behind my work shed were beginning to develop some sort of fungus growing on the wooden exterior. These wagons are used to being exposed to the elements but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind covering them up until I get time to work on restoring them. My wife recommended getting some type of car cover to possibly put over them. That’s a great idea I thought. I went on the hunt.

I found a few cheap car covers that I thought might work. After reading a few reviews I immediately changed my mind. What I needed was something a little more fitting and breathable to allow the wagons to dry after the rain stops. I ended up on the phone with the nice folks at Car Cover World and then informed me that they offer a custom design car covers option and would be glad to send me the dimension sheets to get me started. After a few backs and forth’s with the custom design car covers specialist at Car Cover World, they had all of the dimensions they needed to put my car covers for my wagons into production.

I received my covers for a few of my collections the other day and boy was I pleasantly surprised! These things fit and look awesome! These covers are very high quality and manufactured right here in the USA.