Special Design Covers

For Modified & Lifted Vehicles, Antiques, Classics, Street Rods, Golf Carts, and more

Car Cover World specializes in designing custom-fit covers for all types of unique vehicles. Street rods, classic & antique automobiles, kit cars, customized vans, golf carts, trailers, and trucks with aftermarket accessories are just a few of the vehicles that we design covers for every day. We understand how special and unique your vehicle is to you. That's why we go the extra mile by working hand-in-hand with our customers to design and build a cover that truly is custom-made-to-order. We do all the design work and pattern creation to build your new cover in the Covercraft fabric of your choice. All covers are handcrafted in the USA by Covercraft Industries, and a perfect fit is guaranteed.


Get in Touch!
Having a special, custom-fit cover built for a unique or aftermarket vehicle is a very personalized process, so the first step is to get in touch with us and tell us about your vehicle. We have created thousands of special designs for customers just like yourself and are eager to hear about your unique vehicle. One of our design specialists will work with you personally to gather all the informatino about your vehicle, as well as assist you with product information, fabric selection, and pricing estimates for your new cover.

Measure your Vehicle and Fill out a Dimension Sheet
During your consultation with one of our designers, we will determine which dimension sheet you need to fill out; this will require the measuring of your vehicle. The dimension sheet will explain exactly how to measure your vehicle and which measurements we need.

Take Photos
The final step is to photograph your vehicle. Normally, we like to see a direct shot of both sides, front shot, rear shot, and any accessories that we are accommodating for in the making of the cover. Your design specialist will let you know if there are any additional photos to be taken.

Submit your Materials
Submit your dimension sheet and photos to your design specialist by email. After we receive your completed package, we will finalize the details of your new custom cover and notify you of the total cost. Payment will be required at that time. Normal production time for special design work is 10-15 business days.