Noahs’ Ark and Multi-Layer Car Covers. A Flood of Information.

When it comes to Car Covers, there isn’t a wider known fabric than the Covercraft "5 Layer All-Climate". This 5-layer Covercraft fabric has been one of the best-selling fabrics in the automotive car covers industry since its inception. Founded in 1965 Covercraft has been the leading manufacturer of top-notch quality fabrics. Their fabrics are well-known throughout the automotive industry as well as other industries for being among the highest quality fabrics on the market today. Since Covercraft Industries started making custom auto covers in 1965, this is to date one of their best yet. Each and every one of their car covers air customs patterned for a perfect fit no matter the application. Now, unfortunately, Covercraft Industries hadn’t yet begun manufacturing this wonderful product when Noah built the ark, or otherwise, he might have chosen to have a custom cover made for it when he put the ark away for storage during the off-season.

The Covercraft fabric is unique due to the chemical process that is used to create microscopic holes smaller than a piece of dust or a drop of water. Yet, these holes are just big enough to allow moisture vapors to escape as well as allowing heat to escape keeping your vehicle cool in those hot summer months. Covercraft uses a high-tech 5-layer composite with twin spun-bond technology. This cover features a soft bi-component inner layer that is plush enough for Noah and all the animals or your collector’s edition 1963 Porsche 901. Not only is this cover the most popular of our outdoor car covers but it is also a favorite cab area truck cover for all of those other animal haulers out there.

Whether you're hauling them two by two like ol’ Noah did or just running a horse over to a neighbor’s farm to help him herd up a few young calves for the auction. This cover is up to the task of keeping that pickup flawless and ready to go when you are. The Noah car covers are constructed from a non-woven fabric so they are excellent for all-weather protection against water, UV, dirt/dust, and even will protect against light hail. So, whether you are covering your prehistoric boat or just looking for something to cover the corvette at the cape for the season, look no further. Complete with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can’t go wrong with a Covercraft 5 Layer car cover.