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Tips for Purchasing the Right Vehicle

By 11 months ago

If you are looking to buy a new car, then you are looking to jump into the biggest investment other than a home. It’s about a lot of money. We will give you tips, like when you should buy a car, whether it is a new or used vehicle, which can save you a few thousand. Especially in this day and age where everything is getting more expensive, it is even more imperative that you don’t pay more for a vehicle than is absolutely necessary.

Car Covers - Life Without a Garage

By 11 months ago

Car Cover World recognizes that not everyone has a garage. Without the protection of indoor garage storage, your vehicle is left outside to fend off the elements on its own. A car cover is the next best thing. They offer your vehicle the protection it needs from harsh elements. Dirt, dust, rain, snow, hail and ultraviolet radiation are just some of the elements that can wreak havoc on an unprotected vehicle. Fortunately, your vehicle does not have to go into battle un-armed. Not only do car covers provide protection from outdoor and indoor elements, they will also provide you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected from nature’s fury.

Customer Service When It Comes to Car Covers

By 11 months ago

Several weeks ago, I started to research custom car covers for my 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda. After many hours of research, on the web, I came up with the type of material I wanted to protect my BABY. Out of all of the car covers I decided on the Covercraft Dustop, I started to research companies. I went on probably ten web sites with varying results.

The Big Debate About Car Covers

By 11 months ago

So, the big debate about car covers has always been whether or not I should use one. This of course is dependent on whether or not you own a vehicle. If the answer is yes, then yes, you should be using a cover. Car covers are proven to prolong the life of the exterior of your vehicle by multiple times the normal life span. They are great for keeping your vehicle cool in the hot summer sun. Why risk scratching your paint when brooming snow from the roof of your car. Let the cover protect it.

The Tale of Two Car Covers

By 11 months ago

Summer 2016 was one for the record books. I took a trip that I had been planning for quite some time. I think every person at one point or another dream’s of packing up the car and heading out on the open road. Just you and the Rand-McNally and your trusty steed. Or, in my case my “new-to-me” 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

Birthday Cruises and Surprise Car covers

By 11 months ago

Last November was my 64th birthday. It just so happens that my birthday and my wife’s birthday are in the same week. We have always found this a very fun commonality. For years we have very much enjoyed celebrating our birthdays together. Albeit hers a few years behind mine. But after all, age is just a number, right? So, this year we agreed that we would not do gifts or dinner but we would take a cruise. We have wanted to take a cruise for years but have just never gotten around to it. The plans were made and the plane tickets booked. We would cruise the Mediterranean for 7 days and 7 nights. We were both so excited.

Car Covers for Christmas in July

By 11 months ago

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close. Teachers are grasping at their last few weeks of freedom as well as the pupils that will be attending their classes this coming fall. It almost seems anymore that summer is over as quickly as it starts. Soon our social media timelines will be flooded with complaints of cold weather and photos of bonfires alike. All of the Jeep tops go back on and it’s time to store the convertible for the winter.


By 11 months ago

When I was a kid I lived for the summertime as does most kids. Not only for the break from what I thought was the stresses of school, homework and teacher. Freedom, summertime was freedom. Me, my bicycle and an open road to Grandpa’s house. For the majority of my childhood that is the place where I longed to be, all summer long. It was a place of peace, tranquility and Grannies oatmeal cookies. Not just any oatmeal cookies but an unlimited source of the most delicious buttery oatmeal cookies you’ve ever laid on your pallet.

The Inequality of the Quality of Car Covers.. say what?

By 11 months ago

I was surfing vehicle statistics online a few weeks ago and happened upon the NADA website reading an article about automobiles retaining value, auction prices, etc. I was on to the next website when it dawned on me that nowhere do any of these “authorities” on automotive value mention anything [at all] about quite possibly using “car covers” to extend the life of a vehicle’s very important asset – it’s exterior. We buy phone cases for our iPhone that we may have until the next flashy model comes out in the next 12 months, or a case for our brand-new Ray-Bans that will get sat upon at the next beach party at your second cousin’s best friend’s bachelor celebration. But alas, there sits our beautifully financed, bright and shiny, four wheeled family member in the hot sun. No sunblock, no shade, no car cover, no nothing. Statistics show that when an automotive cover is used on a regular basis that the vehicle’s exterior will be preserved 7-10 times its normal life-span, thus preserving that precious beauty until it is paid off at the end of those 118 months payments.

Car Covers:The Good and The Bad… UNCOVERED!

By 11 months ago

In today’s modern age, we are information overloaded. Just google anything on your mind, hot air balloons, car seat covers, heck you can google a plate of fried chicken to find out the calories in it. There isn’t anything you can’t find out on google. Except one thing. The good and the bad of these great and wonderful products that we use to protect our cars and trucks from rusting out before their time. Car covers are a funny thing. Due to the onslaught of Chinese imported covers that cost but a fraction of whata quality American made coversdo, everyone seems to flock to them. But is it worth saving a nickel on a cheaper product or ponying up the extra cash to get a premium American made product?