Indoor Car Covers - what's the best car cover for me?

Storing your car indoors in a garage will definitely save wear and tear on your vehicle. Not only can UV rays cause premature fading and blistering of the paint, the UV damage can also fade the dash and interior as well.

It's always a good idea to store a vehicle indoors if you can, especially in sunny climates like Florida, California, and the southwest. Although the UV isn't a concern for cars that are stored indoors, what can be problematic is the dirt, dust, and fine particles. Left uncovered, that dust can really pile up on a vehicle service. Not just that, but if someone or something bumps up against the car, the dust can actually scratch or create fine lines in the paint finish.

So, let's talk about how to keep your baby in tip top shape while parked in your garage. First thing is that indoor car covers are not all created equal. Avoid a cheap car covers made from inferior products. Not only are these covers imported from China with less than desirable standards of craftsmanship and quality control, but the fabrics themselves are also cheap polypropylene blends which can cause your vehicle to "sweat" underneath it. That means white spots on your clear coat, mildew on the surface, and a host of other undesirable repercussions. Probably not your idea of 'protecting' your vehicle. I know I wouldn't make the trade off from dust to white spots on my finish. So which indoor car covers is the right choice?

Start with an American-made custom-fit car cover from either Covercraft Industries or Coverking. Decide if you want something luxurious or if something more utility will fit the bill. If you go with something luxury, expect to be impressed.

The Covercraft Form Fit and Covercraft Fleeded Satin are my top choices without a doubt for luxury indoor protection. They both have a napped underside so soft and luxurious you'll want to curl up under it with a pillow.

The Form Fit is the king of all things luxury when it comes to car covers. A totally body-hugging cover that is 100% stretch fit, hugging and snugging every line and curve of the vehicle is an understatement for this cover.

The Fleeced Satin is a less expensive option, packing nearly all the benefits of a Form Fit, minus the super-stretchiness of the fabric. The Fleeced Satin is a semi-stretch design and is therefore not quite as body-hugging. Both of the covers come in Red, Gray, and Black, and the Form-Fit also comes in Blue and Green.

If luxury isn't your thing and you really just want to keep ALL the dust off your car, the choice is simple, the Covercraft Dustop. Virtually dust-proof, this cover is made from Kimberly Clark fabric, a high-quality American-made fabric. This no-frills car cover packs all the same protection as its luxury counterparts, without the higher price tag. It also remains our top-selling cover for indoor car cover protection. Its 4-layer design also gives a little ding and dent protection from any hazards in the garage such as kids, bikes, balls, etc.