Coverbond 4 Car Cover

Coverbond 4 Car Cover

Stormproof™ Car Cover

Stormproof™ Car Cover

Coverbond 4 Car Cover

Maximum Level of Ding & Dent Protection

  • 4-Layers provides ding, dent and nick protection
  • Heavy Duty and Durable: suited for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Highly Water Resistance: water beads up & rolls right off
  • Breathable Fabric allows moisture & condensation to escape
  • Ultra-Soft Interior Finish is plush on your vehicle's paint
  • Long Term Storage:perfect choice long term use
  • 1-Year Coverking Warranty
$129 - $329

Coverking Coverbond-4 

The Coverking Coverbond 4 provides tough protection against rain, snow, and even light hail with its four protective layers. This car cover is engineered to withstand extreme outdoor elements and provide cushioned protection for indoor storage or outdoor usage. The Coverbond 4 features neoprene elastic tensioners that are sewn into the fabric to ensure that the cover stays in place even in stronger wind conditions. The Coverking Coverbond 4is a super thick 4-layer material that is bulkier than most car covers and is more recommended for non-day to day vehicle use.  This particular makes a great long-term storage cover.  The cover is infused with a UV inhibitor as well, which protects your exterior from harsh UV rays. 

Fit and Availabilty
The Coverking Coverbond 4 Car Cover is a custom-fit cover and therefore is custom-made-to-order.  As with all Coverking's designs, this cover will hug your vehicle and fit it perfectly.  We stand behind the quality and fit of this product and guarantee your satisfaction.  

Fabric Swatches
Some customers prefer to order swatches of fabric prior to purchasing their new car cover.  Please visit our Coverbond-4 Fabric Swatch page for details on how to order. 

Perfecting the Craft

Coverking was founded in 1986 by an industrial and electrical engineer who worked in Southern California's aerospace defense industry. Applying engineering and science, Coverking started using the most sophisticated technology in the field to initially create dash covers. Using computer aided designs (CAD), Coverking began to perfect the process and expand the product line to include car covers, seat covers and other automotive accessories. Till this day, Coverking is still looking for new ways to re-invent the industry in design, style, and function.

The Coverking Advantage

Coverking designs its own fabrics and works with the world’s leading textile mills to handle manufacturing. With quality assurance teams dedicated to check every batch of fabric, Coverking ensures the material used in our products meet the most stringent assessments. We check to see if our material is breathable, allowing for the proper release of moisture. We go through a series of stress tests to make sure the materials hold up for everyday conditions. Above all, our covers are checked before reaching our customer to ensure quality.

Our covers are designed using as few seams as possible. We believe that extra seams only increase the chance of leakage and failure. By eliminating seams, our covers have the best fit all around without compromising quality. Coverking custom car covers are specially designed and constructed using the latest double needle sewing techniques to ensure fine craftsmanship. The construction of fabric uses a technique to overlap seams in order to maintain durability and avoid leakage. All covers have a backup stitch sewn in for extra support. All of our outdoor custom car covers are sewn with heavy, wax coated thread to ensure water resistance.

True Custom Patterns

Like a fine suit, your cover is made to fit the curves and features of your vehicle. Our designers spent time with your model vehicle and used 3D scanners to record every curve, and detail. That data is used to create a world class cover with the fewest seams possible. Custom mirror and antenna pockets are sewn in to allow the cover to rest perfectly on your vehicle’s exterior.

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Manufacturing times vary at different times of the year and depend on material availablity and production volumes.  Coverking manufactures car covers and seat covers in Anaheim, California, and has been doing so since 1986. During that time, Coverking has worked vigorously to speed up the production time required to make the word's best car and seat covers for your vehicle.  Your order will be shipped directly to you from Coverking's facility in Anaheim, CA. USA. 


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