Customer Service When It Comes to Car Covers

Several weeks ago, I started to research custom car covers for my 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda. After many hours of research, on the web, I came up with the type of material I wanted to protect my BABY. Out of all of the car covers I decided on the Covercraft Dustop, I started to research companies. I went on probably ten websites with varying results. I finally narrowed it down to three-car cover company’s, one in California, and two on the East Coast. I called each company and asked them technical questions about fabrication and fit (since my ‘Cuda has a Gull Wing on the trunk). The company in California told me the cover would still fit; I would just have to pull it down tighter in the back. This didn’t seem like it made a lot of sense to me.

Then I called one of the East Coast companies, and they seemed unable to give me a solid answer. They more or less hemmed and hawed around making me very uncomfortable. Luckily my next call was to Car Cover World. The person that answered (Charlie) was friendly and knowledgeable. He told me he would check with his design department to see if they could accommodate the Gullwing, and he would call me back. Unfortunately, I did not expect a call, since so many companies have abandoned customer service, and their follow-thru is nonexistent.

Much to my surprise, I received a call, about an hour later, stating that the pattern (with the gull-wing) was on file and would be no problem to make. I was told of a small up-charge, because of the increased size, which was very reasonable. At that point, all I had to do was wait. Well, my cover arrived a few days ago, and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. It fits like a glove, and the quality is the best I have ever seen. My family has been into antique/muscle cars for decades, and we are always struggling to find quality companies and products to work with. Now I have one in Car Cover World. These guys know their car covers and are very friendly and great to work with. I believe in giving credit, where credit is due. Thanks again for all of your help, and extra effort. I will recommend your car covers every chance I get. Sincerely, Alan Eldridge