My Exotic Caribbean Vacation and My New Car Cover

A few months ago, the wife and I took a week off of work (finally) and went on a 7-day, a 7-night cruise of the Caribbean. We stopped at numerous ports including the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and a few others. It really was a beautiful time off and we enjoyed spending some one-on-one time alone. Away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. We snorkeled, swam, and amassed a few tan lines that we proudly posted plenty of on social media. There was even one stop where we had a chance to swim with dolphins! A great experience that everyone should try, in my opinion.


So, after frolicking around in the Caribbean for a few days it was time to make the trek back home and get back to our normal lives of work, church, and too many trips to the grocery store. We were delightfully exhausted by the time we got back home. We unpacked and had a great night’s sleep. The next morning after a cup of coffee or three, I walked out the door to get in my car. I needed to run a few errands from being off for a week. When I walked to my car I was astonished at the amount of pollen and tree sap that had amassed on the hood, trunk, and top. This tree that I park under is making a mess of my vehicle. I am going to cut it down as soon as I get home. There was no doubt that I was going to include a stop at the car wash as part of my routine that day.


After I got home and informed my wife that I am taking her favorite tree out of the front yard, I was swiftly reminded that the tree was a wedding present from a friend and that the tree was staying. That got me to thinking though. Maybe I should look into getting a car cover to keep this stuff from happening. My search began where else but Google. I googled car covers, car auto covers, and car cover reviews just to get a grip on what it might be that I was looking for. I quickly sorted through a few pages of websites and car covers until I landed on Car Cover World’s homepage.


They had a great presentation of cheap car covers as well as a whole line of custom-fit, made-to-order car covers. I was a little overwhelmed so I picked up the phone and gave them a ring. I actually spoke with the owner of the company and Grand Poohbah of all things car covers. He gave me a whole education on car covers and the ins and outs of each type of car cover. After narrowing down my search, I placed my order and on with my day. It was a great experience overall. I got my new car cover a few days ago and it has kept the tree sap and pollen off of my car just the way I had hoped. Thanks, Car Cover World. You guys rock!