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Camo Truck Seat Covers

In the world of car seat covers and truck seat covers, camo has gained popularity at an extremely high rate.  This style has taken truck interiors for outdoor enthusiasts to an all-time high!  From Realtree® & Mossy Oak® camo seat covers including the popular Max 4 design, to traditional camouflage in the all new Kryptek patterns by Skanda, Coverking continues to innovate the latest and greatest in both design and functionality. These all new custom seat covers for trucks, cars and SUVs just simply can’t be beat by the competition!  The quality and craftsmanship that Covercraft Industries and Coverking put into their seat covers is un-paralleled in the industry. 

 So What’s new for 2018?

The hottest style for 2018 is the brand new Kryptek Neoprene Coverking Custom Seat Covers.  Kryptek has partnered with Skanda to bring the hottest colors and styles to its fans with unrivaled fit and quality.  These seat covers are available in incredible eye-catching designs.  The seat covers are constructed from premium-grade fabrics and are plush and comfortable from field to stream and everything in-between.   Previous to this fabric, Kryptek was only available in ballistic. But with the brand-new neoprene (neosupreme) alternative that just launched, the option for a more sporty, active lifestyle can now be accommodated.  So whether you drive a lifted 2010 Ford F150 Supercrew with mud tires and a 3” lift, or your looking for a girly set of pink Mossy Oak® for your girlfriend’s Jeep, we’ve got a custom set to suit! 

 Let’s take a closer look! 

Vivid Patterns now feature Highlander, Mandrake, Nomad, Typhon, Inferno, Yeti, Pontus, Neptune, Raid, and Banshee (even the name of these is legit) These camo designs are incredibly unique and are sure to make a statement in your truck!

Available in your choice of solid print, or solid black sides with camo print inside – our personal favorite is the blue camo in the Pontus design, which have a little grayish purple in the design.Highly water resistant – the fabric has a protective barrier that shields from anything you could possibly spill inside your truck.  A 20 ounce coffee from WaWa, a bowl of water for your 4-legged shot gun rider, or even that 5 o’clock silver bullet following a Saturday stint in the duck blind

UV treated fabric withstands that hot summer sun!  That’s right- we call that sunblock for your seats.  Not only will your seats stay looking awesome underneath your new camo truck seat covers, but the covers themselves will stay looking vibrant for years to come.  In fact we’re so sure that the colors will not fade and the patterns will look just as vivid as the day you installed them, that we bet you’ll sell that truck before the truck seat covers wear out!  

Made in the USA – what could be better than military inspired camo neoprene seat covers that beam with red, white and blue pride being completely custom made right here in our great country! ‘Merica baby! 

These custom camo truck seat covers are $259 per row and completely transform your trucks interior. After just a 30-minute installation, we’re quite certain your buddies are going to want to know where you got’em. 

Camo Knows Tactical! 

Tactical seat covers for trucks are also available in a variety of camo truck seat covers. Whether you are law enforcement, a first responder, military special Ops or a weekend warrior, you are sure to find the seat covers that best match your lifestyle. Each of our tactical designs featured the built in MOLLE system which is engineered to handle all of your guns, gear, ammo, and anything and everything else the weekend requires.  We know personalization is important, which is why our tactical camo comes in both ballistic and neoprene.   As outlined in our new for 2018 section, the new Skanda Camo comes equipped with the MOLLE package for front row truck seats, which is just about as bad ass as tactical gets.  But if you need something a bit more discreet and the toughest fabric you can buy, go for the Cordora ballistic.  That is just about as tough a fabric as you can buy for a camo seat cover.  The ballistic camo is available in Multicam, A-Tacs, as well as Kryptek.  These are not your average Hatchie Bottom seat covers!

Fabric Types

Our camouflage seat covers come in multiple types of fabrics from neoprene camo seat covers to ballistic materials even Carhartt® has gotten in on the game with their brand new line of Carhartt Mossy Oak® seat covers.  These different types of materials vary drastically so it is important to consider your requirements and needs prior to purchasing. If you have the need for covers for your work truck that will need to endure the ins and outs of a tool belt ever day of the week, then the Carhartt seat covers or the ballistic would be your best bet. On the other hand, if your truck sits unused until you are ready to hit the duck blind on the weekends then you would enjoy the plush soft comfort of the Neoprene Camo fabrics.  Lots of information is available to make sure you get the exact right fabric to suit your camo fancy.

2 Type of Camo Designs – Military or Hunting, what’s your pleasure? 

In the illustrious world of camouflage, there are two types of people to be discussed. The first type of person is the hunter. This is your typical pickup truck driving, countryside gent. He can be seen at the local Tastee-Freez or Stop-n-Shop. He will usually have a Yeti full of Budweiser and any variation of recent kills riding in the bed of his truck. This guy typically prefers a premium Mossy Oak® or Realtree® Camo seat covers to put him in mind of fond times in the duck blind. On the other hand, he might be boasting the all-new Kryptek inferno orange. This of course takes him back to day drinking in the deer stand on those crisp fall mornings. (We do not condone day drinking in a deer stand, only on solid ground). 

The second type of camo is the traditional, Military style of camo.  These styles of camo are available in the traditional camo design that has its roots all the way back to the early 1900’s.   By the dawning of the WW1 era, olive-drab fatigues were the uniform and soon after the beginning of the traditional camo patterns began to emerge.  Coverking traditional camo is similar to the patterns used in current and past military applications.  

Now for the more modern military look, Coverking has also design a vibrant digital camo seat cover, available in multi colors and styles.  These designs are similar to those seen on military and law enforcement uniforms and other types of tactical apparel. These days these types of camo have be adopted by all types. From young men with dreams of operating as an elite Seal Team member, or the retired veteran who tells war stories and or boot camp stories like it was yesterday. 

So whether you’re in the field slaying ducks or suited up for battle, we have the perfect camo covers to fit your persona, and your truck.

The Best Camo Seat Covers! Why Coverking Seat Covers are the Simply the Best

Make no mistake!  The quality of these incredible custom fit seat covers by Coverking are not to be confused with cheap camo seat covers from WalMart, Autozone or Amazon.  Those products are off the shelf universal seat covers and are not a custom-fit design specific to your truck or your seat configuration.  Coverking uses complex systems to make sure your covers are absolutely perfect and, in some cases, even look OEM!  Our camo custom car seat covers are laser-measured, and CAD cut to precision by professionals that have been building seat covers with top of the line materials for over 30 years. When you buy from us, we check, double check, and recheck all configurations to be absolutely sure that each and every customer is going to receive the product they need for their specific seat configuration.   And that’s a guarantee you can trust.   We’ve often been compared to Hatchie Bottom seat covers, but we invite you to try the best camo seat covers, often imitated but never equaled!! 

The Car Cover World Customer Service Difference

Car Cover World prides itself in customer service therefore we do not let one single order go out the door without checking each and every detail to be sure that our customer is getting exactly what he or she ordered in a timely fashion. From time to time we do experience backlogging due to high demand, but we always communicate with our customers to be sure that each and every one is well aware of any excess wait times that may occur.  Rest assured that your new camo seat covers for cars are being made to order by seasoned professionals that are more than qualified and take pride in what they do. Our factories in Oklahoma and California produce the best seat covers on the market and we take pride in providing the best quality product that can be found on the internet. 

Don’t take it from us, hear what our customers say!

Thanks Car Cover World for totally hooking up my neoprene camo seat covers for my Chevy Silverado!  I had always wanted a new truck with a mangaflow exhaust and dual rolled tips.  After a few months of back and forth to work, up came hunting season. After one trip to the duck blind and hauling my hunting buddy and my black lab home from the field, I knew there was no way either of them were riding shotgun with me until I got a quality set of seat covers for my truck. I set my sights on getting a custom fit set of seat covers. I had seen a few friends of mine with the WalMart sloppy fitting covers, that wouldn’t cut it for my cowboy Cadillac. I searched for a few weeks and called and spoke with a couple of different companies who quite honestly did not have the time of day or the product knowledge I was looking for. One night after a few beers I stumbled upon some customer images that led me to Car Cover World. I dialed them up. Come to find out they are a veteran owned and family operated company and took all the time in the world to help me figure out exactly what I needed and wanted.  I ended up with Mossy Oak Carhartt Seat Covers manufacturered by Covercraft.  I couldn’t be happier with them.  Super durable, tough, they fit perfect and the color and pattern is sharp.  I highly recommend them!  And my dog Duke loves them too.