Sitting on the Dock of the Bay thinking about Car Covers

Certainly, working on the docks this summer in the hot sun, unloading cargo onto wooden pallets, and swabbing the deck has been a hot, stinking experience to say the least. If I hadn’t jumped ahead of myself and plunked down $25,000 big ones for that new Camaro I could have had the summer off and been watching the bikinis go by instead of these oily ships. From my place on the dock, I could just see when that pelican went by and dropped a big white bomb right on the nose of my brand-new baby! Drat! I’ve been putting it off long enough I must get a cover for my car before these darn birds ruin the finish! I hung up my tools and headed home for a quick shower and a cold one.

Grabbing a lawn chair and my laptop I quickly clicked car covers into the search engine. Car covers, car covers, yes there they are, wow a lot of companies are selling them! I wonder if they are semi-custom fit car covers or custom fit car covers. Definitely do not want something that is going to scratch my car. I need a nice soft car cover for this girl! Alright, that website looks ok, Car Cover World! Nice layout. Clicking on the car covers tab right away I see they have quite a few. Oh, and they are custom-fit car covers too, great! I see Noah, Weathershield HP, Evolution, Stormproof. I can see I have my reading cut out for me.

Well, I know that I want something that looks good and feels good, like the feeling I get when I slide into those comfy leather seats. How about that one back on the other page? Scrolling back, where was it? The Weather something, was it guard, no shield. The Weathershield HP, ok yes, it says it has super paint protection, good UV, and is nice and smooth and silky! Smooth and silky, hmm that gets me to dreaming about those teeny, tiny bikinis again. Oh, yeah, back to where I was, I see that the rain easily beads up and rolls off, it’s lightweight and folds up small. Yeah, the trunk’s not too big. I don’t want a car cover taking up too much trunk space. These particular ones come in all these pretty colors, just like those bikinis! I went ahead and selected the Weathershield HP, it sounds like a great car cover. I chose the bright blue to match the finish on the SS, entered my credit card information, and hit send. Voila, that didn’t take much time at all, as a matter of fact, I think I might have enough time left in the day to head down to the beach!