Car Covers for Christmas in July

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close. Teachers are grasping at their last few weeks of freedom as well as the pupils that will be attending their classes this coming fall. It almost seems anymore that summer is over as quickly as it starts. Soon our social media timelines will be flooded with complaints of cold weather and photos of bonfires alike. All of the Jeep tops go back on and it’s time to store the convertible for the winter.

Certainly, it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas, right? No, not really. Today is August 1st and at this point, we are only a short 146 days away from Santa mounting his trusty sleigh and amazing children around the globe. Kids, young and old will travel from near and far to visit the family for the holidays. So, whether you are storing a vintage Corvette Stingray or buying a cheap car cover for the Jeep Wrangler while it is parked at the airport for the holidays, don’t wait until the holiday rush is on to get your order in. Custom car covers in particular tend to become somewhat of a high-demand item as the winter months approach. The last holiday season, the wait for a custom car cover was 3-4 weeks.

The best option is to consider what the main utility of the cover is going to be prior to ordering. If you live in the cold northeast you are going to want to look at something along the lines of a Noah car cover or a Weathershield HD car cover. These are two different types of car covers but both will accommodate the goal of protecting your vehicle through the worst of a cold north-east winter.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live the island life, basking in the sunshine in the Florida Keys throughout the winter, you would be on the hunt for an entirely different style of car cover. For these types of conditions, you may want to consider something with a high UV resistance and a Solution-dyed fabric. The Solution-dyed fabrics will help your car cover to resist fading under hot sun conditions. Something along the lines of a Weathershield HP or a Sunbrella would give optimal performance. These car covers are both manufactured to the highest standard and will prove to be long-lasting car covers. Even if you only celebrate Christmas in July!