Limited Storage Car Cover

Over the last 35 years of my life, I have focused the majority of my time and attention on collecting fine automobiles. Not just cars but antiques as well. My collection ranges from one-owner Model A’s to retired stock cars driven by the likes of Jeff Gordon. I have very much enjoyed my collection until recent years when storage has become a problem. I have a rather large property at 13 acres just outside of Franklin Tennessee. I started by filling my garage and an outbuilding that I had built for hobby storage. Fast forward a few years and automotive purchases later and I have quite a few vehicles parked outside of my outbuilding in 2 in my driveway. Now I have a rather large parking pad in front of my building and in front of my house so parking space isn’t the issue.

It’s the fact that I have multiple rare collectible automobiles exposed to the elements. Now the weather here isn’t all that bad but still, I wanted to do something about it. I tried a few car covers that I found for a bargain at my local auto parts store however these car auto covers did nothing but allow moisture to build up and cause more harm than good to my vehicles. While at a car show a few months ago I noticed a really nice 2017 Corvette. The car itself was gorgeous but when the guy that owned it went to grab a bite to eat at the Five Guys next door is when he whipped out an awesome-looking custom-fit car cover.

This car cover attracted more visitors than the Vette did all day long. Guys from all over were oohing and ahhing over this car cover. It was fit and finished to every curve and line of the vehicle. It even had custom sewn pockets for the side view mirrors. The company he ordered it from also sewed his initials on the front of the car cover which really made it stand out in the crowd. I knew from that day what I needed to get to cover my overflow of vehicles that were being stored outdoors. A car cover! So, I took the information he gave me and pulled up Car Cover World on my computer as soon as I got home that night. I ordered 3 car auto covers that day and have been using them for the last 3 months and will soon be ordering a few more indoor car covers for the vehicles that live inside. Great car auto covers, great quality. Thanks, guys!