Carhartt Seat Covers are the Mike Rowe of Seat Covers

Carhartt Seat Covers, Mike Rowe, I think you can guess what this article is going to be about. That’s right. You guessed it. Manly men. Currently, in our society, it is becoming less and less likely to find a manly man on just any street corner. For one thing, it's uncomfortable to be a manly man sometimes. Being such usually consists of things such as doing a job that involves hard or strenuous Labor. Day in and day out the manly man rises and grinds from early to late.

He is up before the rooster crows and goes to bed long after the sun has gone down. How does this relate to Seat covers you might ask? Well, for starters Carhartt has represented all that is the working man since 1889. They have been the leader in manufacturing the clothing that protects the guy that works day in and day out in the worst of conditions. Quality, craftsmanship, and durability are something that makes Carhartt stand out from the pack.

These qualities are not lost in the Carhartt Seat Covers. Whether it’s a 1997 square body Chevrolet 1500 or a 2017 Ford King Ranch. These seat covers are up for the job. They will take the beating that the manly man is used to giving out. So, jump up in that truck with that jumbo cup of black coffee without fear, manly man. The Carhartt seat covers are there for you. No matter the mud, muck, or spilled mocha Frappuccino.

With their all-new DWR (durable water repellency technology) these bad boys are up for the task. One thing is for sure and that is your jeans will wear out long before these seat covers do. But with a full 2-year warranty, there’s no need to worry. What about those hot summer days you say? No sweat. These car seat covers are breathable so your back will stay dry no matter the humidity levels. Especially on those Friday nights when the hard work week has passed and it’s time to load up that spicy senorita and head to the local watering hole. Carhartt has done an outstanding job assuring that these Carhartt seat covers are as comfortable as they are good-looking.

The misses will love them. Day in and day out Carhartt works to protect the working man from the elements. Now let’s do the same for your seats. Let Carhartt protect them too.