When it Comes to Car Covers, It's about the Bling

You’re making quite a statement in your purple, metallic Hemi’ Cuda as you boogie on down to the local disco. Starting from the moment you wake up, when you grab that tube of “Brite” toothpaste to the last sparkle on your dancing shoes, bling is in! While it’s true that it said that wheels make the car, it is the finish that gives personality to the ride. The metallic purple paint you selected while satisfying your need for bling has also reduced the amount of Benjamin’s in your wallet. The cost of a restoration paint job, especially for a high, end car can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $25,000. Now that’s a lot of bling! Coming home from dancing the night away you suddenly realize that it is time to think about how to protect your investment. Since garage space is at a minimum and the carport is full, a car cover is your only answer. But how do you find something that won’t scratch that high, end finish?

You pick up your laptop, and as the last bars of money, money, money begin to fade, you begin to Google car covers. Colorful car covers, snappy car covers, protective car covers? Narrowing down your search to outdoor car covers that are soft on the inside, you begin to study. Noticing right away the online car cover company called Car Cover World has a very clear and concise method of selection. Noah, Evolution, and a silky car cover called Stormproof have gotten your attention. The Evolution and Noah look like excellent, custom-fitted car covers, and are made in the US, but no soft inner liner. The Stormproof cover is a silky fabric but it is the same on both sides, with no extra soft padding on the inside and no bling. You want something that is going to pamper that paint and make a statement on the outside. You’re humming “Girls just want to have fun” and thinking about Olivia Newton-John and that sequin-covered dress in Saturday Night Fever when you finally see it. The Autobody Armor has grabbed your attention.

This could be just what you are looking for! This particular car cover has a bright, shimmery silver surface layer, satisfying your need for the world of bling while protecting your vehicle from the elements. It says this shiny surface layer causes rainwater to bead up and roll off, like when you wax the car. Even Madonna would give that one a second look! As the information goes on it describes the soft, gentle inside liner, and says there is good breathability allowing moisture to escape easily. This cover is custom, to fit the Hemi like the proverbial glove! You have found the solution to your needs. Autobody armor, a perfect choice to protect your finish, satisfy your need for bling, and keep your ride looking as good as it did the day it came out of the shop! Now about those Benjamin’s…. The price of the cover was so reasonable there was enough left for tickets to “Saturday Night Fever” at the drive-in this weekend, in the Hemi of course!