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High-End European Style Luxury

  • High-End Look, Low Cost
  • Sleek and Sexy Style
  • Suede and Leatherette Combo 
  • Soft Feel and Luxurious look
  • Stain-Resistant washable material
  • Highly Breathable heat escapes
  • 4 Color Combinations for individual style
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-Year Coverking Warranty

Coverking UltiSuede Car Seat Covers

Experience European comfort with Coverking UltiSuede Seat Covers that feature an suede material so unique it doesn't belong in any existing product category. Defining a new category in the market, the UltiSuede seat covers combine two materials, suede and leatherette, to deliver a soft feel to the seats while handsomely mimicking the genuine leather look.  The Coverking UltiSuede Seat Covers are custom-designed for your specific year, make, and model to deliver a perfect snug fit. Highly breathable, durable, and stain-resistant, these high-end seat covers are an excellent upgrade to your car's interior without stretching the budget. Covers are available in four different color combinations for both the front and rear seats, and are backed by a 1-year warranty period.

Why Coverking UltiSuede Seat Covers are the Best

UltiSuede is a durable fabric made from a unique blend of fabrics that are specially woven to create a soft and luxurious feel. Used in many high-end European vehicles, our UltiSuede car seat covers are perfect for outfitting luxury cars for its style and elegance feel. We’ve combined center panels of this luxurious material with our well-dressed yet tough leatherette for a truly unique look. The center panels bordered by luxurious, but tough, matching or contrasting leatherette.  Stain resistant and washable breathable fabric keeps your cool in the hotter months.  Custom-fit to the exact specifications of your seats. Installs easily in less than 30 minutes.

360 VIEW (Drag your cursor over the product to rotate the seat cover 360 degrees)

Your order will be manufactured to order by Coverking. This product is not an ordinary off-the-shelf item but instead is made to order for your specific vehicle. Manufacturing times vary at different times of the year and depend on material availability and production volumes. Below is the up-to-date production lead time schedule.


COVERKING  5-10 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-30+
Car Covers (except where mentioned below)   X      
    *Satin Stretch (Pure Red & Adrenaline Red) - Est. Restock TBD          
Seat Covers (except where mentioned below)   X      
     *Leatherette (Black & Black w/perforation) - Est. 3/15/24         X
     *Ballistic (Color: Black) - Est. Restock 3/1/24         X
Dash Covers   X      




Since 1986, Coverking has been building custom-fit seat covers and car covers and other fine automobile products in Anaheim, CA. They are an industry leader in fitment and customer satisfaction. Their products are considered some of the finest in the industry. Sourcing some of the worlds highest quality textiles, they produce a product that is exceptional in fit and finish.

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