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Covercraft and Coverking Indoor Car Covers

This indoor car covers are the perfect solution for protecting your vehicle from indoor hazards, whether it's long term storage or every day use.  Although dust particles are very tiny, when they settle onto your vehicle's paint, they can cause fine scratches and abrasions when left unattended for periods of time.  Add moisture to the mix, and now you've got thousands of particulars and grime stuck to your finish.  Dust-blocking car covers will prevent this from happening and protect your vehicle's finish.  In addition to the dust blocking powers of these fabrics, they also provide a nice layer of protection for whatever may be going on inside your garage- bikes, balls, toys, kids, or other vehicles. All these fabrics are high performance and would never scratch your vehicle's fine paint finish.  As with all fabrics, these indoor car cover fabrics have high levels of breathability, allowing heat, moisture, and vapors to escape easily through the cover.  Rest assured, your baby will stay dry and protected under a Covercraft or Coverking indoor cover. 

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