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Coverking Satin Stretch 

The Coverking Satin Stretch is a rich and luxurious car cover that follows the contours of your car so perfectly the fabric gracefully hugs your vehicle like a fine crafted car cover should.  Designed for indoor storage only, the Coverking Satin Stretch makes use of satin materials blended with Lycra for a spandex feel, and protects the car from indoor hazards such as abrasive dirt, dust, and fine particles.  Normal garage hustle and bustle aren't a worry with the Satin Stretch, as this cover provides a light cushion to common nicks and dings that are common with kids, bikes, balls, and other indoor storage threats.   The Satin Stretch is about a soft and luxorious feel for your vehicle. From the outside to the inside, the cover is smooth and would glides nicely across your fine paint finish.  The seamless stitching used in the construction process are invisible and provide an undisturbed flow of fabric. The Coverking Satin Stretch has excellent breathability that prevents mildew and mold from forming. All covers are backed by a 1-year warranty period. 

Fit and Availabilty
The Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover is a custom-fit cover and therefore is custom-made-to-order.  As with all Coverking's designs, this cover will hug your vehicle and fit it perfectly.  We stand behind the quality and fit of this product and guarantee your satisfaction.  

Fabric Swatches
We offer fabric swatches of our various fabrics, to ensure our customer's satisfaction.   If you are not quite sure if this is the car cover for you, order a Satin Stretch fabric swatch today.

Satin Stretch Car Cover

Coverking's Most Luxorious Indoor Cover

  • Softest Cover Fabric perfectly pampers your vehicle's paint
  • Satin and Lycra Blend stretches and contours your car's lines
  • Fully Breathable: allows heat, moisture, and vapor to escape
  • Sexy and Stylish: over 25 color combinations available
  • Invisible Seams: for a smooth-looking flow of fabric
  • Excellent Dust Protection for even the finest dust particles
  • Specifically Designed for Indoor Use
  • 1-Year Coverking Warranty

$229 - $639

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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