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Waterproof Car Covers

Waterproof Car Covers

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Waterproof Car Covers
A waterproof car cover is just that-  100% waterproof.   This type of rain car cover will keep your vehicle completely dry underneath.   This is a great choice if you lack indoor storage space such as a garage or covered parking.   Not only will this type of a cover block out all rain and water, what you don’t see is that it is also blocking out other unseen tiny particles that can damage your paint finish over time, such as acid rain and an array of chemical compounds.  Many people however, consider rain water to be a safe source of clean water.   Rain water is a soft source of water when you compare it to the water found in wells, and is free of heavy metals you might find in soil.  However, rain water is not free of chemicals.  When chemicals and pollutants from earth evaporate into the air, they are absorbed by rain particles.  When these particles reach a certain chemical density, the rain is can be classified as acid rain.   In populated areas, it is suggested that most rain carries some chemical compounds.  In densely populated regions such as metropolitan areas, some say that all rain has reached a density level to be considered acid rain. A quality waterproof car cover will be made from a polypropylene fabric with a plastic coated or micro-porous film.   When rain hits this type of cover, it beads up and rolls right off.   The water may pool on the hood of the vehicle, or another flat surface of the vehicle, but not to worry.   Your vehicle will stay dry and free from any chemical compounds.  You can always lift the cover and give it a shake to encourage the water to drain off the side of your vehicle.   Water and rain will not penetrate or pass through this type of cover fabric. 

Defender Waterproof Car Covers
The best car cover on the market today for providing 100% waterproof capabilities, is the WeatherGuard Extreme.  This cover is a semi-custom fit, heavy-duty 7 layer cover that is comprised of 5 layers of polypropylene, and 1 layer each of micro-porous film and fleece inner lining.   This cover is extremely smooth to the touch and is the best car cover for protection against extreme rain and water.  In addition to being 100% Waterproof, the WeatherGuard Extreme is also 100% UV resistant, has a soft fleece inner lining that provides a scratch-proof peace of mind, is lightweight and easy to install, and carries a lifetime warranty!  It also includes a free storage bag, cable-lock kit, and antenna patch.   Starting at only $174.95, it’s the best value car cover on the market today. 

What about breathability?  
Breathability and cover fit go hand in hand.   Waterproof car covers like the WeatherGuard Extreme, are only available in a semi-custom fit design, to allow for air to easily escape.   A semi-custom car cover fits your vehicle by general size group and shape, while custom car covers is a tailored, snug-fit, contouring every line and curve of your specific vehicle.    With this type of design, “air-space” is very limited between the cover and the car, therefore our custom-fit line of covers are made with breathable “weatherproof” fabrics, which are not considerd 100% waterproof. Since semi-custom fit covers are a general fitting, looser fit, breathability is not a concern and a waterproof car cover can safely be used.

Weatherproof Car Covers
Weatherproof car covers are not 100% waterproof, instead they are water resistant.  Our custom-fit line of Covercraft and Coverking covers provides an entire catalog of outdoor car cover choices.  We have numerous high quality custom-fit covers that will do an excellent job of keeping rain and acid rain compounds off of the vehicle.   Our top custom-fit picks for maximum rain and weather protection are the Weathershield HP and the Weathershield HD.  Both of these fabrics will bead up and shed water as soon as it hits the cover, however in a soaking rain, expect your vehicle to get wet.  Not to worry though, because the chemical and acid compounds in the rain will be filtered out by the cover, so what remains on the car is clean water.  

What is the Best Car Cover for Me?
The best car cover is the one that fits your budget and your protection requirements. It’s really a matter of personal preference.  By reading through the different car cover product descriptions, you will be able to decide which fit and fabric are best for you.   If you’d like a personal recommendation on finding the best car cover, please call our car cover experts at 888-270-0411.