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Subaru Car Covers

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Subaru Car Covers

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Subaru Car Covers

Subaru is known for its quality vehicles specifically the rugged Outback, Legacy and Forrester. These vehicles are great for getting around town and they look great too. But, when you are not driving you need some protection to keep that clean look.

Our exterior Subaru car covers will fend off natural attackers, like dust, dirt and pollen while keeping your Subaru looking clean and new. Heat and sun rays cause a lot of damage, so special UV inhibitors in our outdoor Subaru car covers are like sun block for your vehicle. Air flow is maintained while unique treatment to our car covers block moisture from reaching your delicate paint. Maybe you are looking for a bit of ding protection? Then our multi-layered Subaru car covers give you that assurance when the kids are riding their bikes in the driveway.

Some may have a garage to drive into, one that's not too crammed with storage, for which we have several interior car covers that keep the dust and dirt from getting to your Subaru. A soft or smooth inner layer caresses your vehicle protecting the paint while allowing for excellent air flow.

Indoor or outdoor, a benefit of a Subaru car cover is a bit of padding between your Subaru and the outside world. Kids with bikes in the garage, small tree branches or another car's door are buffered from your beautiful vehicle.

We have a car cover solution for every situation and every budget. With the lowest prices and the highest quality customer service we look forward to helping you find the right Subaru car cover for you.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Subaru Models: 

Forester XT
Legacy DL
Impreza RX
Tribeca GL-10
Outback Brat
BRZ Standard
XV Crosstrek GLF
B9 Tribeca 1400
Baja Deluxe
SVX Star
Justy 360