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Studebaker Car Covers

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Studebaker Car Covers

An outdoor Studebaker car cover helps keep acid rain or natural hazards like tree sap or bird dropping damaging consequences to a minimum. Resistance to rain and other moisture is built into all our car covers. Yet, while blocking this harmful moisture from sitting on your Studebaker, air flow is maintained through the cover to allow for evaporation of any trapped moisture on or under the vehicle. A wet or dirty Studebaker in your driveway no longer has to be tolerated with one of our car covers. Saving you the time and hassle of constantly washing your car you can see the benefits of a Studebaker car cover immediately.

Those parking their Studebaker in a garage still have to worry with keeping their vehicle clean. Dust is just waiting to land on your car even inside a garage. Any accumulated dust will become abrasive to the surface of your finish causing tiny scuffs that will eventually breakdown your paint. A similar benefit to some of our outdoor Studebaker car covers is ding and dent protection in a multi-layered fabric.

We have several high quality car covers that defend against these issues and you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from protecting your Studebaker. With a variety of custom covers you'll be sure to find the one that fits your needs. We also have the lowest prices anywhere and we ship your Studebaker car cover to you for free.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Studebaker Models:

2R10 8E12D E6 Model M
2R11 8E13D E7 Model SA-25
2R16 8E7D Flight Hawk Police Car
2R16A Avanti Four Power Hawk
2R17 Big Six Golden Hawk President
2R17A Challenger Gran President Eight
2R5 Champ Hawk President FE
2R6 Champion J5 President FH
3E11D Commander K5 President Model 80
3E12D Commander Eight L5 President Model 82
3E6D Commander Model 70 Lark President Model 90
3E7D Commander Model 71 Light Four President Model 91
3R10 Commander Model 73 Light Six President Six
3R11 Commander Six M15 President Speedway Model 92
3R16 Cruiser M15A Rockne Model 10
3R17 Daytona M16 Rockne Model 65
3R28 Deluxe M17 Rockne Model 75
3R38 Dictator M5 Scotsman
3R5 Dictator Model 61 Model 9502 Silver Hawk
3R6 Dictator Model 62 Model 9503 Six Model 53
4E11D Dictator Model FC Model A Six Model 54
4E12D Dictator Special Model AA-35 Six Model 55
4E2D E10 Model B Six Model 56
4E3D E11 Model C Sky Hawk
4E7D E12 Model D Special
5E12D E13 Model E Special Six
5E13D E14 Model F Standard Six
5E7D E15 Model G State Commander
6E12D E16 Model G-10 State President
6E13D E17 Model G-7 Taxi
6E7D E28 Model G-8 Transtar
7E12D E38 Model H Wagonaire
7E13D E5 Model L