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Challenger Car Covers

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Challenger Car Covers

Since the introduction of the Dodge Challenger in 1966 it has been at the top of the list when it comes to muscle cars. It is always mentioned whenever conversation ensues of iconic muscle cars and sports cars. This icon did not lose an ounce of notoriety when it was re-introduced and took the nation by storm in 2008. As an answer to the newly re-designed Ford Mustang, the Dodge Challenger towered the Mustang in the performance category.  

 With neck snapping speeds of 0-60 in just over 3 seconds and over 400 horsepower this car is a must drive for any true muscle car enthusiast. As all muscle car nerds know the interiors of these cars have evolved as well. Enthusiasts haven’t been fazed when it comes to the new, edgy look of the interior. They know that a custom set of seat covers can always improve the style and feel of any vehicle. The Dodge Challenger lovers, just like many other car enthusiasts and collectors alike also know that caring for the exterior is equally important. Car covers are a must-have for any Dodge Challenger owner. They keep that shiny exterior looking new and fresh for years to come.

The Noah is popular amongst Challenger owners but for the touring Challenger driver the Weathershield HP is an essential. Weighing in at 1/3rd of the weight of most any other car cover, the HP is a go-to for its pack-ability. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to match the muscle car of choice.Looking for the best outdoor car covers? Check out our premium line of USA MADE outdoor car covers.