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Luxorious Indoor Protection

  • Premium Indoor Cover for every day use 
  • Soft Woven Fabric with  flannel underside 
  • Long-Wearing; 50% heavier than poly-cottons
  • High Breathability humidity vapors evaporate
  • Low Maintenance cleaned in home washers
  • Favored By Car Enthusiasts
  • 90-Day Covercraft Warranty

Covercraft Tan Flannel Cover for AC Shelby Cobra Replicas
Factory 5 Racing, Backdraft Racing, Superformace 

The Covercraft Tan Flannel is an ideal indoor car cover for motorist who prefer a traditional, woven fabric car cover. This ultra-soft flanel is crafted from a poly-cotton blend and features a napped underside, which pampers even the finest paint jobs.  It is heavier than the standard poly-cotton fabrics makes it even stronger and longer-lasting then a traditional poly-cotton car cover.  As with all Covercraft car covers, there is never any worries of mold, mildew or condensation build-up on the car, as this cover maintains a high degree of breathability, allowing allowing even the smallest amount of moisture to escape.   The Tan Flannel is the traditional woven indoor cover that is favored by many car enthusiasts who install and remove their cover on a daily basis.  Single-layer covers have the advantage over many multi-layer covers with because of their manageabilty and ease of use.   If you are looking for an ultra-soft fabric for every day use, this high-performance indoor car cover will not disappoint in its ability to maintain your vehicle's clean, shiny appearance. Tan Flannel has a 90-day warranty.

Fit and Availability - A Car Cover World Exclusive!
The Covercraft AC Shelby Cobra cover is a factory exclusive and available only at Car Cover World.   Your new cover can be custom-made for your Factory 5 or Backdraft Racing Shelby Cobra Roadster, or Superformance MK111 Roadster or Daytona Coupe.  If you have a different Cobra kit manufacturer, please contact us for a special design.   Your new cover will be made right here in the USA and we guarantee your satisfaction and a perfect fit!  Please note, Cobra covers are designed without mirror pockets and rollbar pockets to ensure a perfect fit. 

Fabric Swatches
Would you like to feel just how soft the Tan Flannel fabric is before you purchase?  You can order a fabric swatch of this fabric to make sure it's just what you want!


Your order will be manufactured to order by Covercraft Industries. This product is not an ordinary off-the-shelf item, but instead is made to order for your specific vehicle.  Manufacturing times vary at different times of the year and depend on material availablity and production volumes.  Below is the up-to-date production lead time schedule.



COVERCRAFT 5-10 10-15 15-25 25-30 30+
Car Covers (except where mentioned below)     X    
Seat Savers         X
PrecisionFit® Seat Covers         X
Windshield Sun Shades       X  
Frontend Mask/Car Bra     X    
Dashboard Covers      X    
Cargo Liners          X      
Seat Back Organizers X        
Canine Covers     X    
***NOTE: Low volume part numbers will increase production times. (EXAMPLE: Bentleys, Ferraris, Antique Vehicles, etc.)           



Covercraft Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing custom fit car covers, seat covers, and other premium automotive protection protects in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma since 1965.  They are a leading authority in American made aftermarket automotive coverings. With a library of over 500,000 patterns and part numbers, there is a fit for just about every vehicle year, make and model you can find.

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