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Front End Masks

Front End Masks

Front End Masks

Covercraft Colgan Original Bra Camaro

Colgan Original Bra

$161.37- $176.26
Covercraft Colgan T-Style Bra Audi

Colgan T-Style Bra

$91.26 - $97.66
Covercraft Colgan 2-Piece Full Bra Dodge

Colgan 2-Piece Full Bra

$175.20 - $181.36
Covercraft Colgan Sport Bra Porsche

Colgan Sport Bra

$83.43 - $94.85

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Covercraft, Colgan, & Coverking Front End Bras & Masks

Say good-bye to debris, rocks, bugs and other road assailants by protecting the prettiest part of your car or truck with front end protection from one of our trusted brands.   Long considered by most automotive enthusiasts to be the very best way to preserve the resale value of your car, as well as inspire a sporty look that turns heads, front end bras and masks virtually eliminate the anxiety of dings and dents that the road can serve up to the front of your vehicle. With many options and styles available for this type of vehicle protection, you can certainly find a brand, style, and fit that aligns with your tastes and budget.  What's more, these products are custom fit to your exact vehicle specifications, so you are guaranteed a beautifully finished look. 

One area often over-looked by automotive enthusiasts is the front end of their vehicle.   The front end of any automobile takes a beating from the road, and although is in need of the most protection while driving, it often times is the most neglected or over-looked car or truck accessory. Front end masks, or bras, as some call them, were originally started in Germany, for the testing of vehicles as they came off of the production line.  As this began, many car owners began seeing the benefits of protecting the area of their car that takes the most abuse from the road - the sticks and stones.  In particular, the leading edge of the hood as well as the painted areas surrounding the grill.  Front end bras no doubt will pay off in dividends down the road when you go to resell your vehicle.  Peel back that front end mask, and reveal a perfectly in-tact paint job.  Combine this protection benefit, and the bit of style it adds to your ride, and you've got a perfect combination of utility and visual appeal.