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Covercraft Form Fit Fabric Swatch

  • High-Performance Indoor Cover: super soft, luxurious fabric
  • Body-Hugging Fit: stretch-weave fabric contours to vehicle for a seamless look and feel
  • Lycra/Spandex properties added to the yarns before weave-knitting
  • Prevents Vapor & Heat from being trapped under cover with its high breathability qualities
  • Soft and Thick cotton-terry loop fabric
  • Ding and Dent Protectionfrom indoor garage hazards
  • Low Maintenance, machine washable
  • 4-Year Covercraft Warranty

The Covercraft Form-Fit car cover is one of the most luxorious indoor car covers ever made by Covercraft.   With it's body-hugging design, the Form-Fit delivers it's promise to form to your vehicle and fit it like a glove. The cover literally hugs your vehicle perfectly and looks outstanding and stylish.  The unique "stretch memory feature"  keeps the cover's shape without over-stretching the fabric . The sheared cotton fleece on the inside creates the luxorious soft finish, making it one of the best covers on the market today in its class. Developed for long-term indoor protection, the Form-Fit is like any other trusted Covercraft fabric with high breathable, ensuring that heat, moisture, and humidity do not build up under the cover. One of the easiest covers to maintain, it fits most front load home washers and dryers. The Form-Fit has 4-year manufacturer warranty.

Form-Fit Fabric Swatch

Order Fabric Swatches for Form Fit Car Cover 

Not sure what fabric is right for you?  At Car Cover World, we understand just how important it is to get the right car cover for your situation. Especially when you're making a big investment, it is wise to take your time, research your options, and make an educated buying decision. One of the very best ways we've found to assist with this decision-making process is through our fabric swatch program. Order the swatches of the car cover fabrics you are interested in, and in just a few days we'll deliver them to your door.


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