WeatherGuard Extreme


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List Price: $178 - $399
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$168 - $194

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Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Protection

  • Waterproof keeps vehicle dry
  • UV Resistance prevents sun damage
  • Soft Fleece Inner Lining for a soft touch
  • Heavy Duty Grommets for wind and theft 
  • Easy to Install and remove
  • Smooth Fabric very easy to clean

WeatherGuard Extreme Car Cover

The WeatherGuard Extreme is a universal-fit car cover that provides heavy-duty weatherproof protection. This  car cover provides every-day defense from the elements, as well as protection from bad weather.  The WeatherGuard Extreme does a great job of defending against rain, acid rain, snow, hot sun, dirt, dust, tree sap, pollen, bird drizzle, and even light hail.   The WeatherGuard Extreme is a heavy-duty fabric comprised of 5 layers of polypropylene and one layer of micro-porous film, plus 1 layer of soft fleeced lining.  The exterior of the fabric is smooth to the touch while the inside is soft to the touch.  The WeatherGuard Extreme fabric is waterproof, keeping your vehicle dry and free from environmental pollutants.   Water beads up and sheds as soon as it hits the cover.  This cover has a soft fleece lining.  The inside of the WeatherGuard Extreme car cover was developed to be a soft touch to your paint.  The inside lining is soft and will not scratch your paint.  Because the WeatherGuard Extreme is a smooth fabric, it is easy to clean if tree sap or bird droppings deposit on the cover.  

Universal Fitment

The WeatherGuard Extreme is one of the only car covers on our site that is a universal fit.  So unlike our custom-fit covers which are tailored for your specific vehicle, this cover will fit a variety of vehicles within a certain size and shape group. This means that your cover will be a casual fit, and may be a snug fit or loose fit for your vehicle type, depending on your specific vehicle.   Using the drawstring installed on the cover, simply pull the drawstring to desired fit.

DISCLOSURE: Because this cover is waterproof, it is not recommended for long term storage.  Waterproof car covers do not breathe, and therefore you must remove the cover frequently to ensure the car can dry out completely in case of heat or humidity build up under the cover.  Usage of car covers is at the sole discretion of the user.   Car Cover World is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of a car cover.  If you are looking for a higher quality, breathable, custom fit cover, look at our Covercraft and Coverking brand car covers as they are all breathable fabrics.

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