WeatherGuard Car Cover


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Superior All-Weather Protection

100% Waterproof keeps vehicle dry
100% UV-Resistant prevents sun damage
Soft Fleece Inner Lining to pamper your paint
Heavy Duty Grommets for wind and theft prevention
Lightweight and easy to install
7 Year Warranty

The WeatherGuard cover is a 5 layer cover that provides excellent weatherproof protection against every-day defenses as well as more severe weather.  The WeatherGuard is a great choice when it comes to blocking rain, acid rain, snow, hot sun, dirt, dust, tree sap, pollen, bird drizzle, and even light hail.  This is the 2nd highest rated ready-to-ship cover, and includes a 7 year warranty!   When you don’t have a garage, the WeatherGuard Cover is a great choice for protecting your vehicle.

5 Layer Fabric
The WeatherGuard is a high quality cover fabric comprised of 4 layers of polypropylene and 1 layer of soft fleeced lining.  

100% Waterproof
The WeatherGuard is 100% waterproof, keeping your vehicle dry and completely free from environmental pollutants.   

100% UV-Proof
Keeping your vehicle exposed to the hot sun all day will wreak havoc on your vehicle over time. Constant UV rays beating down on your vehicle will severely damage the paint as well as your interior.  The sun can even scorch your dashboard causing it to fade and crack over time.  Cover your car with WeatherGuard and worry not about UV damage. 

Soft Fleece Inner Lining
The inside of the WeatherGuard car cover was developed to pamper your paint!  The inside lining is soft and plush and will not scratch your paint.  This non-abrasive fabric ensures that your vehicle stays perfectly protected without the worry of scratching. 

Protection from Wind & Theft
Heavy duty grommets on the cover provide the ability for you to lock your cover to your car with the Cable Lock Kit we’ve provided at no charge to you.   Once your cover is locked, it will withstand light wind and physical force.   The heavy duty grommets are highly resistant to corrosion and breakage and should last for the life of the cover.  

Dust and Dirt Blocker
This cover provides exceptional defense against dust, dirt and micro particles.  The high quality synthetic fabric is no match for these tiny assailants.  Many customers favor this cover as in indoor cover because of its ability to block out even the tiniest of dust particles while also pampering their paint with the soft-fleece inner lining. 

Semi-Custom Fitment 
The Defender line of covers are a semi-custom fit design.  Unlike our line of custom-fit covers which are tailored for your specific vehicle, Defender covers fit a variety of vehicles within a certain size and type group. This means that your cover will be a casual fit, without mirror pockets, and may be a snug fit or loose fit for your vehicle type.   Using the drawstring installed on the cover, simply pull the drawstring to desired fit.

Tree Sap & Bird Drizzle
The WeatherGuard provides superior protection from tree sap and bird droppings.   The 5 layer design ensures that debris from trees and birds will be blocked out and will not pass through the cover onto the car. 

Lightweight and Easy
Car covers should be easy to manage with quick installation and removal.  The lightweight WeatherGuard fabric makes installation and storage a snap.  The fabric is easy to roll up and store in the Storage Bag we’ve provided at no charge to you.   

7 Year Warranty
WeatherGuard Car Covers carry a 7 year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

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