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Porsche Car Covers

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Porsche Car Covers

Two more months and it goes on sale at $82,100 - $173,000 MSRP, the 2013 Porsche 911 is a sports car offered in coupe or convertible body styles and is expected to set a benchmark for all 911s. Porsche continues to evolve its 911 models, removing the quirks and getting them ready to take on any kind of road.

Built with the highest quality of standards and living up to its title of highest-ranked nameplate, an award given by J.D. Power and Associates to Porsche three times, we know the value of the Porsche and how we have to provide owners of an equally high standard of protection with the use of the car cover brands we carry.

Car Cover World offers custom fit car covers to match the exact measurements of your Porsche. Time-tested fabrics, technologically advanced fabric production systems, and luxurious look and feel are only some of the car cover traits that exceed our customers' expectations.

Air flow is crucial to any car cover. Not all have good breathability to ensure its moisture-resistant properties and to prevent the common heat buildup from under the cover. Lightweight flannel covers are offered by Car Cover World, as well as multi-layered dust covers for your Porsche. So for any type of protection need, we have something for you from economical to luxurious form-fitting stretch.

It takes effort to keep a car as grand as a Porsche looking sharp. Downplay the effort by using one of Car Cover World's solid car covers. Each having its own protective properties against harmful elements such as the occasional acid rain, bird droppings, dust, and tree sap, our car covers can accommodate both indoor and outdoor protection needs of a Porsche.

Car Cover World believes no customer should ever have to pay for shipping fee so enjoy our free shipping and tax-free features. As always, give us a nudge as we have our best customer representatives to assist and attend to your most unique needs.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Porsche Models: 

Boxster 924
911 930
Panamera 914
Cayenne 912
Cayman 356C
Boxster 356SC
Carrera GT Carrera
968 356B
928 356A
944 356