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Pontiac Car Covers

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Pontiac Car Covers

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Pontiac Car Covers

Marketed as "driving excitement" the Pontiac is a great vehicle to drive but eventually you have to park it somewhere. When you do your car is confronted with many unwanted elements. From the sun to Mother Nature to Old Man Winter, your Pontiac takes a pounding inside and out.

Outdoor Pontiac car covers are the best defense against the fading of your paint and interior. With a high degree of UV protection most covers are like sun screen for your Pontiac. In addition, the heat buildup in your interior is decreased significantly. Acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and dust also cause deterioration in the look of your vehicle in addition to making it looking dirty. But, not only can a car cover keep your Pontiac clean, it can help buffer minor dings and dents from kids with bikes or failing branches. Some of our multi-layer covers also protect from pea sized hail.

Those who can park their Pontiac in a garage still have to struggle with keeping their vehicle clean. Dust is everywhere, which means indoors too, just waiting to land on your car. This accumulated dust becomes an abrasive to the surface of your finish causing tiny scratches that can eventually breakdown your paint. Also, just like some of our outdoor fabrics, our covers provide some ding or dent protection inside a crowded garage.

We have a Pontiac car cover for all situations and all budgets. We have the lowest prices allowed so you don't have to shop around. Free shipping and no sales tax means you are getting the best deal anywhere. If you need help finding the right cover just let our knowledgeable customer service representatives assist you.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Pontiac Models: 

Vibe Tempest Streamliner
G6 Optima Silver Streak
G5 Safari Custom
Matiz Fiero Special Series 25
G3 Sunburst Deluxe Series 26
Torrent Acadian Torpedo Series 29
Solstice T1000 Deluxe Series 28
G8 Parisienne Deluxe Model 6DA
Montana J2000 Sunbird Deluxe Model 8DA
G3 Wave Phoenix Deluxe Model 8CA
Grand Prix Grand LeMans Deluxe Model 6CA
Wave J2000 Deluxe Series Silver Streak
Wave5 Catalina Series 701
G4 Laurentian Series 605
Pursuit Grand Safari Model 603
GTO Ventura Model 601
Sunfire Astre Model 302
Grand Am Grandville Model 402
Bonneville Executive Model 401
Aztek Strato-Chief Model 6-30 B
Firebird Beaumont Model 6-29 A
Firefly Star Chief Model 6-28
Trans Sport Vista Model 6-27
Sunrunner Pathfinder Model 6-26
Sunbird Super Chief  
LeMans Chieftain  
6000 Torpedo