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Pollen Car Covers

A quality pollen car cover will make a huge difference for you and your beloved vehicle come this Spring.  Nothing is more frustrating than having your clean and sparkly car covered in green and yellow pollen. The best type of cover for protection from any type of tree debris is one that has a smooth exterior layer.  With a smooth layer on the outside, the pollen, sap, pine needles, bird droppings, and other tree fallout can be quickly and easily shed from the cover using a hose, while the cover is still on the car. 

Car Covers for Pollen

The best car cover for pollen is the one that works best for you and your budget. The WeatherGuard Extreme is an excellent choice because it blocks 100% of dirt and dust.  Debris from trees will not penetrate this cover.  The cover is easily cleaned and returned to its "like new" condition with just a hose off. This cover is a 4 season cover, providing value during all phases of weather and seasons.  

For the best pollen protection, Car Cover World always has you covered.