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MG Car Covers

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MG Car Covers

To celebrate the successful return of MG to the British Touring Car Championships, a special edition MG6 is introduced. The MG6's unique interior features make it the perfect celebratory model for MG Motor. Interior passenger fascia, leather covered steering wheel with remote controls for driver information system, high levels of lateral support and comfort... are just some of the features MG enthusiasts like about this latest model.

Since MG isn't a quantity car, extra care and proper maintenance must be observed. Nowhere to park your MG but outdoors? If so, then you are aware how the elements can damage both the interior and exterior of your MG. Dirt, snow, and rain can fade your car's paint. Heat and UV can turn the inside of your car into an oven. Leaving your car outdoors means you are willing to risk having these natural elements affect your MG's interior and exterior.

Acid rain, Snow, Ice, rain, bird droppings, tree sap... these are just some of the elements cars face day to day when not properly stored, causing deterioration in interior and more obviously in the exterior. Keep your car safely tucked with one of our MG car covers. We, at Car Cover World, carries only quality car covers from leading cover manufacturers in the industry. Keep these natural offenders off your MG and add extra protection from UV rays with our special MG covers. Keep those leather seats in top shape by keeping your MG cool under the protection of an MG UV-resistant car cover.

If you keep your car in the garage, that doesn't mean your MG is free from any kind of threat to your exterior. The dust alone can ruin a perfectly executed paint job. Stop the accumulation of dust that can cause abrasions to your car's finish. We have quality MG covers to accommodate your storage needs with the lowest possible prices. Phone or email us so we can help you get started in getting that much-needed MG car cover.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following MG Models: 

ZR ZB TA Drophead
ZT ZA SA Drophead
MGB YB VA Drophead
Midget TD WA Drophead
MGC TDC NA Magnette
1300 YA NB Magnette
Magnette YT PB Midget
1100 TC PA Midget