Mercedes-Benz Car Covers

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  1. 3-Layer Outdoor
    3-Layer Outdoor
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  2. Defender
    WeatherGuard Extreme
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  3. Covercraft
    Ultratect® Car Cover
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  4. Covercraft
    Weathershield HP®
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  5. 5-Layer All Climate
    5-Layer All Climate
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  6. Coverking
    Stormproof™ Car Cover
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  7. Covercraft
    Weathershield HD®
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  8. Covercraft
    Sunbrella® Car Cover
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  9. Coverking
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  10. Coverking
    Mosom™ Plus Car Cover
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  11. Covercraft
    Polycotton Indoor
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  12. Covercraft
    Form-Fit® Indoor
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  13. Covercraft
    Tan Flannel® Indoor
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  14. Coverking
    Autobody Armor™
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  15. Covercraft
    Reflectect® Car Cover
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  16. Coverking
    Satin Stretch™ Indoor
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Mercedes-Benz Car Covers

A concept car at present , the Mercedes S-class coupé created buzz during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show held this second week of September. As the flagship of the Mercedes range, the S-class carries some of the innovative technology seen in the S-class sedan. The coupe concept though, is far more aggressive than the new S-class sedan and has an advanced adaptive suspension system.

The high standards of Mercedes have long been proven since it was first coined as the first true automobile. Always impressive and all models always standing out with luxurious details, the Benz is one exceptional ride. This same bragging rights we hold dear with all the car covers we carry from only the leading manufacturers dedicated to serve the automotive industry.

Car covers have evolved from being an optional protection to a convenient necessity as natural elements have evolved as well into being harmful agents for exposed and even unexposed automobiles. The role of car covers, whether for day to day car use or exclusive track use, is to protect the vehicle from Mother Nature's wrath. Snow, hail, UV radiation, and acid rain are damaging to your car's interior and exterior and can cost a fortune to restore your car to its original look.

These natural assailants can wreak havoc to your household budget even if you have an allotted maintenance budget. Dust alone can get trapped in the garage swirls and will often settle on your car, causing tiny scratches on its silky smooth surface. You would think it's safely tucked in the garage, unexposed to outdoor elements and the extreme weather, but moisture and dirt can seep into your interior as well and then you'll be faced with grime and mold problems.

For an effective barrier against minor damages caused by prolonged storage in the garage and major damages caused by outdoor pollutants, you will want a multiple layered Mercedes car cover that is highly resistant yet easy to maintain. Car Cover World carries several lightweight covers available in the lowest marketable price.
Looking for the best outdoor car covers? Check out our premium line of USA MADE outdoor car covers.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Mercedes-Benz Models:

E350 CLS350 SLK320 450SL 320
SLS AMG B180 SLK32 AMG 450SEL 460/500 Nurburg
SLK350 B250 SLK230 280SE 540 K
E63 AMG S CL550 CLK430 450SLC 170 H
C250 GL500 ML55 AMG 230 260 D
Sprinter 2500 SL550 CL200 280 770 Grand Mercedes
SL63 AMG S600 E430 450SE 130 H
CLA200 G550 ML430 280S 500 K
E500 R350 C43 AMG 280C 290
E400 S65 AMG S320 220 Model SS
C300 CL500 E420 200D 150
CL65 AMG S350 S420 280SEL 370 Manheim
ML63 AMG E300 SL60 AMG 220D 300 K
CLA250 S400 SL320 350SL 200/260 Stuttgart
G63 AMG CLA180 C36 AMG 250C Model SSKL
A180 SL600 C220 250 Model SSK
GL350 Sprinter 500SL 250SE 12/55 HP
CL600 Vito 600SEL 600 14/60 HP
E250 B200 300E 250S 8/38 HP
Sprinter 3500 G55 AMG 190E 280SEC Model S
G500 S450 300TE 280SL Model K
SL500 S500 300D 230S 24/100/140 HP
C63 AMG SLK300 300SE 200 15/70/100 HP
GLK250 ML450 500SEL 250SL 10/40/65 HP
C350 GL320 300CE 250SEC Knight 10/30 HP
GLK350 CLK63 AMG 400SEL 230SL 6/25/40 HP
G65 AMG C280 500E 220SE 25/65 HP
E550 CLK350 400E 220S 28/95 HP
ML550 E280 300SL 190 8/22 HP
E63 AMG SLR McLaren 600SL 190DC 8/18 HP
ML350 CLK500 600SEC 220b 28/60 HP
ML500 GLK280 500SEC 190C 8/20 HP
A200 CLK550 300SD 220Sb 28/50 HP
C180 CLK280 400SE 180D 12/32 HP
C200 ML320 300SEL 180C 10/25 HP
E200 E320 420SEL 190SL 38/80 HP
CLS550 C230 560SEL 180 10/20 HP
S63 AMG R320 350SDL 190B 38/70 HP
SL65 AMG SLK280 560SEC 190DB 15/20 HP
GL63 AMG SL55 AMG 350SD 300 37/95 HP
S550 R500 560SL 180b 37/90 HP
A45 AMG C55 AMG 190D 170 D 14/30 HP
SLK250 R63 AMG 260E 219 75 HP
CLS63 AMG S55 AMG 300TD 180A 26/45 HP
GL450 CLS55 AMG 300SDL 300C 40 HP Simplex
CLA45 AMG S430 380SL 220a 60 HP Simplex
GLK300 E55 AMG 380SE 300SC 36/65 HP
CLS500 CLK55 AMG 300CD 300S 21/35 HP
A250 CL55 AMG 240D 170S-V 28 HP Simplex
SLK55 AMG C240 380SEL 300B 20/35 HP Landaulet
CL63 AMG C320 380SEC 170 18/28 HP
GL550 CLK320 280E 170 S 20 HP Simplex
CLS63 AMG S CL230 280CE 170 V 18/22 HP Simplex
SLK200 C32 AMG 380SLC Grosser 8/11 HP
        35 HP
        12/16 HP