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Maserati Car Covers

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Maserati Car Covers

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Maserati Car Covers

As an owner of a Maserati you want the best car cover to keep your vehicle looking like it did when you saw it on the showroom floor. There are so many natural hazards to the exterior look of your vehicle including dust, dirt, tree sap, pollen or the dreaded bird droppings. But, not everyone has the luxury of pulling into a garage to protect against these offenders. An outdoor cover protects your Maserati and keeps you away from the car wash every other day.

For those who are lucky enough to have a garage to drive into, one that's not too packed with storage stuff, we have several interior car covers that keep the dust and dirt from getting to your Maserati. The soft or smooth inside layer caresses your vehicle protecting the paint while allowing the cover to breathe.

One benefit of a Maserati car cover, indoors or outdoors, is a bit of padding between your Maserati and the outside world. Kids with bikes in the garage, small tree branches or your spouse's car door are buffered from your beautiful vehicle.

Whether you are looking for to protect from the sun's harsh UV rays and oppressive heat to Old Man Winter's blustering snow and ice or just the swirling dust and dirt in the garage; we have several car covers to choose from that fit nicely into anyone's budget.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Maserati Models: 

GranTurismo 430i Sebring
Quattroporte Biturbo 3500GTI
Ghibli 425 A6G/2000
GranCabrio Bora 3500GT
GranSport Merak A6G
Coupe Khamsin A6/1500
Spyder Indy America A6GCS
4200 Indy A6GCM
3200 GT Mexico  
228i Mistral