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Lotus Car Covers

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Lotus Car Covers

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Lotus Car Covers

Your Lotus is exposed to the elements when you are driving around town or on the highway but when you park you can avoid this. Most weather can be detrimental to your Lotus's exterior like rain, snow or ice. One thing that is difficult to avoid is the sun which is beneficial to life but can wreak havoc on your paint and interior. A Lotus car cover gives you defense against these elements and helps keep your car clean. Our covers are designed to keep these unwanted elements out and yet still allow for air to flow through the cover which is essential for a healthy finish.

Now if you can avoid the sun by storing your Lotus in a garage but there it is exposed to dirt, dust and falling objects. Most garages are fairly confined spaces that you have to navigate around objects. Well the largest object is your car so with a Lotus car cover you can reduce the effects of dings, scratches or bumps. All of our indoor car cover fabrics are lightweight and easy to manage making installation and removal quick and painless. Breathability is just as important on our interior fabrics as the outdoor covers.

We have many different Lotus car covers for every climate and condition. Made of the finest quality fabrics and manufactured to the highest standards you can be certain you are getting an outstanding product.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Lotus Models: 

Evora Eclat
Elise Seven
Exige Europa
Esprit Super Seven
Elan Eleven