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Jeep Car Covers

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Jeep Car Covers

If you are one of the many hardcore Jeep owners, your Jeep gets dirty because that's the fun in owning a Jeep. But, after you get home and wash it down, you want your Jeep to shine. So to keep that just washed look you need one of our custom fit car covers.

Having to park outside in the driveway doesn't help when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean. On a hot, dry and dusty day you've got the sun beating down its heat and damaging UV rays in addition to the dust settling on your Jeep from your friendly neighbor's lawn tractor. Then the season changes and you have to deal with snow and ice or rain. A Jeep car cover can defend against these natural elements while maintaining air flow between your Jeep and the cover. All of our car covers are designed to allow for evaporation and breathability which helps keep your finish looking new.

Jeeps are most at home in the great outdoors but some find a home in a garage. Now like a lot of people you are thinking "Why would I need a cover in a garage?". Well, it's very simple; dust and dirt sometimes seems more at home inside the house (or garage) then outside and therefore on your Jeep. Dust won't stand a chance of harming your Jeep's finish with our lightweight Polycotton car cover to our multi-layered indoor covers. These cover also maintain the same breathability as the outdoor covers to allow for natural air flow through the cover.

So go outside and get in your Jeep and take it through the mud now. But when you come back and wash it off be certain to have a Jeep car cover to keep it clean until the next time you go off-road.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Jeep Models:

Grand Cherokee CJ6 Universal Truck J-200
Patriot J-4800 Dispatcher J-330
Cherokee Jeepster DJ6 J-320
Compass J-4500 J-2800 J-220
Wrangler Commando CJ6A Tornado
Liberty J-4600 CJ5A J-310
Commander J-2500 Universal J-210
TJ J-100 DJ3 Utility Wagon
Grand Wagoneer J-2600 FC150 6-226
Comanche J-4700 FC170 FJ3A
Wagoneer M151 Truck FJ3
J20 J-3800 F-134 Utility
J10 J-3600 FC170HD F4-134
CJ7 J-3500 CJ3 FA-134
Scrambler J-2700 J-300 F4
CJ5 J-3700 J-230 Willys
DJ5 Gladiator 6-230 475