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Covercraft Fleeced Satin Fabric Swatches

  • Ultra-Plush Inner Liner: super soft, gentle touch to your paint
  • Mid-Weight Cover: polyester outer shell, inside fleece liner
  • Slight Fabric Stretch hugs just enough for a sleek contour
  • High Breathability: heat and moisture escape through the breathable fabric
  • Hand-Crafted for a perfect fit
  • 2-Year Covercraft Warranty

The Covercraft Fleeced Satin indoor car cover is the latest and greatest indoor fabric that not only provides superior indoor protection, but does so in a sleek and stylish way.    The Fleeced Satin is constructed with a woven polyester outter shell, and is lined with an ultra plush fleece finish on the inside. This cover really pampers your vehicle's paint!  Rest assured that even the finest paint finishes will be safeguarded with the gentle touch of the Fleeced Satin.   The unique quality of this cover's design is the slight stretch in the fabric which allows for a sleek, contoured fit.  In contrast to the Covercraft Form-Fit cover, which is more of a body-hugging stretch-fit, the Fleeced Satin is not quite as snug, providing a little more room between the cover and the car.  It's also a little lighter then the Form-Fit.  Weighing in at 4.7 ounces per square yard, versus the Form-Fit's 7.4 ounces per square yard.    What results from these slight differences is a brand new, outstanding mid-weight custom-fit car cover!  A great value and beautiful cover for flawless, indoor usage.  

Fleeced Satin Fabric Swatch

Order Fabric Swatches for Fleeced Satin Car Cover 

Not sure what fabric is right for you?  At Car Cover World, we understand just how important it is to get the right car cover for your situation. Especially when you're making a big investment, it is wise to take your time, research your options, and make an educated buying decision. One of the very best ways we've found to assist with this decision-making process is through our fabric swatch program. Order the swatches of the car cover fabrics you are interested in, and in just a few days we'll deliver them to your door.


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