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Factory Five Roadster Covers

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Factory Five Cobra - 1965 AC Cobra Replica

The EXCLUSIVE Car Cover for the Factory Five FFR Kit Car

Car Cover World is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the 1965 AC Cobra/ Factory Five Racing (FFR) Replica!  The FFR car cover is completely custom fit and made either for a single or a double roll bar.  There are many different fabrics to choose from depending on your specific needs.  The two most popular, and most versatile of all the cover fabrics are the Ultratect car cover or the Weathershield HP if you plan to use the cover outdoors.  Both of these covers are the high performance fabrics that are the "latest and greatest" in cover fabrics. Smooth to the touch and shed water instantly, the are very light weight covers which pack small, so they don't take up much trunk space at all while on the road or at a show.  They are also very stylish and come in many colors including the signature FFR blue and many others.   For indoor only covers, the best selling are the Fleeced Satin cover or the Form Fit cover.  Both of these indoor fabrics have napped under sides and really provide a luxurious feel, pampering the paint with a super soft touch.  Form Fit is 100% body hugging, while the Fleeced Satin is semi-stretch.  These are intended only for indoor use only, and are nearly completely dustproof.

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