Covercraft UVS100 Susan G. Komen Sunscreen

Covercraft UVS100 Susan G. Komen Sunscreen

Covercraft Canine Rear Seat Hammock

Canine Rear Seat Hammock

Lock & Cable Kit

Cable Lock Kit

Covercraft UVS100 Susan G. Komen Sunscreen

Protects Interior from Extreme Heat

  • Most Populuar SunShade Available!
  • Triple Layer Construction
  • Reflects Extreme UV light & Sun
  • Reduces Vehicle Temperature 40%
  • Soft Inner Layer /Foam Core Insulation
  • Perfect Custom Fit 
  • 90-Day Warranty

Covercraft UVS100 Ultraviolet Shield

Covercraft's line of UVS 100 SunShields (also called a heat shield) has become one of the most popular selling product lines for your vehicle's windshield.  A great choice for anyone who parks their vehicle outside, a UVS Heat Shield will drastically reduce the interior temperature of your car or truck; up to 40% in some cases.  In very hot climates, this can make a huge difference on a 100 degree day!  But in addition to not having to "air" your vehicle out before getting inside, this accordian, or folding style, UVS 100 heat shield will also prevent those damaging UV rays from fading your dash and interior.   Because there are over 500 patterns in the fitment database, you can be sure that your interior will be perfectly protected, fitting your windshield perfectly, allowing no sun rays to squeeze through.  It just takes a second to put your custom-fit heatshield in place, and the protection benefits last all day.   The UVS100 sun shield now comes in 5 colors, as well as a special edition Susan G. Komen sun shield.  

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