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Car Covers: the Best for Outdoor & Indoor Use

The History and Advancement of the Car Cover Industry

You're probably wondering, are car covers worth is?   50 years of research says yes!  Car covers have taken automotive enthusiasts by storm in the last decade for not only protecting vehicles from harsh outdoor weather elements, indoor factors, and theft deterrents, but also by adding a stylish accessory to their automotive line-ups.

When automoible covers were first produced by Covercraft nearly 50 years ago, they were available in a single gray color and available only at large retailers such as Walmart and Autozone, and were only offered only as a general universal style fit.

Times have certainly changed and both Covercraft and Coverking now produce dozens of highly specialized, premium fabrics that are custom-tailored to your vehicle's exact specifications. The result is a quality, beautiful cover, constructed with a high-performance fabric that has the ability to give your vehicle the outdoor protection is needs, from just about anything from UV protection and UV rays, and sun damage, to rain, dust and dirt, and harsh winter weather conditions such as snow, hail, and even your own kids!

No garage, no problem! We've got an Indoor Cover for that!

Not everyone has a garage, and auto covers are truly the next best thing for extending the life of your vehicle, as well as limiting the number of trips you take to the car wash. The great thing about the evolution of this industry is that they just keep getting better.

These industry giants are the undisputed leaders in the field and have not stopped innovating their fabrics, patterns, or processes to produce the very best car covers particular, . The fabrics and materials used by these Covercraft are truly are top shelf; cheap, mass-produced imported products just don't stack up in materials or fitment from these heavy duty weather protection car covers.

Our auto covers are custom-made to fit your vehicle, budget, and outdoor/indoor needs. Each one is as unique as your individual situation and with so many choices, we are certain you will find the perfect one!

So Many Choices - I'm Overwhelmed!

Choosing the right car cover or truck cover can quickly become overwhelming. When searching the web, you'll find that the majority of websites are selling cheap car covers, generally inexpensive. Then you also find websites that look completely different, with more expensive products. I'm here to break it down to the ridiculous for you and make your shopping easy. Here’s the truth, uncensored!

The Inequity of Car Covers

Any website selling less then 4 covers on their website is not selling a quality, USA made product like you’ll find here on our site. Those websites are selling inexpensive covers that have been imported from China and are then sold in large quantities online through Ebay and Amazon, as well as Walmart and Autozone. These products are inferior to the Made in the USA alternative and here’s why:

First, they are not custom fit car covers that hug and snug every line and curve of your vehicle, instead, they are generic/universal-fit and most times they do not fit the vehicle very well, if at all. Secondly, they are not made from premium fabrics, instead, they are made from inferior materials like polypropylene and PEVA materials. Translation: plastic. (plastic on my vehicle? Hmm maybe not the best choice for my 2017 corvette…) Water resistant covers yes, but not waterproof! Read more on waterproof car covers here.

Custom Fit Car Covers vs. Universal Covers

Universal, often times called “Semi-Custom”, on the other hand, is designed to fit numerous vehicles that fall into a general size and shape category. These covers are not custom made to order and are the ones you find at most large retailers and websites unlike ours (the websites selling only 4 products).

There is quite a bit of difference between the 2 fitments in both style and performance. Let's look at differences.Custom covers are just what they sound like – they’re covers that are tailored for your specific vehicle. We have over 80,000 patterns that are expertly designed to hug every contour of a vehicle, providing a perfect fit every time. So whether you have a classic 1966 Mustang convertible you’ve been babying since your high school graduation, or the brand new 2019 Corvette Z06, we’ve got pattern just for your vehicle.

Syles, Color, and Fabrics

How do I know if the website I’m shopping at is selling a quality cover or cheap imported one? Websites like ours that have a selection of vehicle covers available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics is likely selling the latest and greatest in exterior vehicle protection, from quality manufacturer's such as Coverking. Now you’ve found the best car covers!

These are the real-deal, quality, made-in-the-USA covers that you should be shopping for. Here’s where you’ll find that quality car cover for your shiny new black 5-series BMW that's cozied up in your garage.

Now if your baby's parking indoor only, that makes shopping for car covers online a breeze. Our line of indoor car covers has everything from the tried and true 5 Layer Indoor® by Covercraft, to the illustrious Satin Stretch by Coverking with its lightweight design and satin fleece material combination. The Satin Stretch® is a Car Cover World top pick and an exceptionally soft car cover. However, if you're like the majority of car enthusiasts and garage space is at a premium, here's how to decide what the best outdoor cover is for you:

Lightweight versus Heavyweight Covers

Do you want a thick material to protect from dents and dings? Or you’d prefer a lightweight fabric that you can take on and off daily without too much effort? Consider both options:

Heavyweight Covers

Well nothing can stand up to the wrath of Mother Nature’s fury and golf ball sized hail so we can’t promise a 100% hailproof car cover, but we can definitely help give you a fighting chance with the best car covers for hail protection, as well as a range of outdoor elements including rain, snow, winter weather, and debris from trees including pollen and sap.

The Mosom by Coverking and the new 5-Layer All Climate cover by Covercraft are the thickest and best for when you're needing a hail car cover.

Lightweight Covers

Now if thickness isn't your thing and you're wanting something lightweight and easy to manage, we’ve got that too. Now you've stepped into the next generation of custom covers- lightweight high-performance fabrics. The new technology are woven fabrics, smooth to the touch, with all the same protection benefits of thicker covers, but with none of the bulk. Who needs extra baggage these days?

The Covercraft Ultratect® or the Covercraft Weathershield HP® are our top picks for the best all-around weatherproof product. These two covers do it all. They are a little more expensive than their bulky counterparts, but we can’t say enough great things about the ease of installation and removal, wash at home features, and superior dry time following a heavy down pour.

Weathershield HP®- a Closer Look

Without a doubt, this is one of the best covers in the lightweight cover category. When it comes to conditions such as rain, snow, dirt and dust, it is a homerun. It also comes in a variety of premium solution-dyed fabrics to resist fading. This cover boasts dramatic rain protection as well as high breathability and quick drying time, allowing the vehicle to dry faster when it gets caught in a shower.

This fabric is also one of the best when it comes to UV resistance for sunny climates like California and Florida. It is sure to keep the interior cool for when you are ready to go for that weekend spin. This cover comes with a 4-year Warranty and is available in a range of eye catching colors include the ever-popular bright blue as well as a two-color design.


Just like colors, styles and fabrics, the cost of a car cover can vary just as much as the options available to you. What we can promise you is that there is a cover that will suit your style, protection requirements and your budget. If you’re not sure where to buy a car cover from, well of course Car Cover World is the place! We are so much different then car covers at Walmart or Amazon and we look forward to showing you great service and a great product! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process of buying your new cover. Check out our car cover reviews and see what our customers have to say about us.

Best Outdoor Car Covers 

The best outdoor car covers offer protection from mother nature's wrath and offer the best solution if you lack a garage or suitable indoor storage for your automobile. To protect your investment, extend the life of your vehicle, and give you peace of mind, a custom-fit outdoor car cover is the best choice. Covercraft and Coverking outdoor covers are custom-tailored to your vehicle and available in a wide variety of fabrics to suit just about every outdoor ailment. Sun, rain, snow, hail, tree sap, dirt, dust, and dings/dents are just a few of the outdoor hazards that our weatherproof car covers will safeguard your vehicle from. We even offer waterproof car covers, which are completely impenetrable. 

What's the Best Car Cover?

When it comes to outdoor car covers the best car cover is the one you haven’t bought yet. How can I say that? Because you landed here. The outdoor car covers listed on this page are some of the best car covers in the industry. They don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. These outdoor car covers have been used and abused and have proven tried and true. Covercraft and Coverking outdoor car covers are custom-fit to your vehicle and available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors tailor made for your car, truck, van or sport utility vehicle.

How can I say they are the best car covers in the industry you ask? We have been in the car cover business for over 17 years now and have dealt with customers who have purchased multiple covers for multiple types of outdoor applications. Outdoor car covers are the best car covers because they keep all of the elements that you don’t see, off of your car.

From fine dirt and dust particles to acid rain these outdoor car covers are quality from top to bottom. The best car covers in the industry hands down. Look no further than this wide selection of outdoor car covers for keeping your precious automobile protected from whatever mother nature throws at it. We even offer waterproof car covers which are completely impenetrable.

From southern California’s heat to northern Maines snow and sleet, Car Cover World has been filling the need for high quality outdoor car covers in the industry. We can say without a doubt that these are some of the best car covers that money can buy and they will not disappoint. To protect your investment, extend the life of your vehicle, and give you peace of mind, a custom-fit or ready to ship outdoor car cover is the best choice.

Where to Buy Car Covers?  

You've found the right site, Car Cover World!  So what's the best outdoor car cover for your situation?  The best car cover is the one that meets your exact requirements. Where do you start? That's easy! Start by reviewing all car covers.