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Bentley Car Covers

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Bentley Car Covers

The 2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur has got Bentley fans' heart revving since word came out that it is the most powerful and fastest Bentley sedan ever. It is an entirely different plane of luxury with its remarkable interior craftsmanship; in the words of Bentley: "A unique marriage of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology."

We were especially drawn to this latest Bentley model, particularly its interiors, as we are passionate with it, obviously because of the business. Mirror-matched surfaces, five layers of clear lacquer, hand-upholstered leather seats with signature of the upholsterer on the back of the hide, a luxurious leather aroma... these are only a few of what we love about the Flying Spur.

As with other automobiles, we feel sad to see cars that are left unprotected outdoors. If we were to own a Bentley, we would want it fully protected from harsh natural elements such as acid rain, the now extra harsh UV rays, dirt, and even bird and tree droppings. See, why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car as luxurious as a Bentley and then leave it exposed to these elements outside?

This is why we are in the business. There is a reason car covers were invented. There is a reason each of the car covers we carry were engineered to address a specific threat. It's not just a Bentley car cover. It's a preventive measure for a costly Bentley exterior and interior repair. At Car Cover World, we make sure we provide only quality materials for our customers' prized possessions. We know that you spend a great amount of time inside the car, with or without your family, and this is why we vowed to deliver high-performance, all-weather protection for your Bentleys. Call or email us to kickstart your better car storage habits.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Bentley Models 

Turbo R

T2 Series
T1 Series
S3 Series
S2 Series
S1 Series
R Type
Mark V

4 1/4-Litre
3 1/2-Litre
4 1/2-Litre