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Alfa Romeo Car Covers

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Alfa Romeo Car Covers

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Alpha Romeo Car Covers

Alfa-Romeo's product plan for the U.S. would likely involve sedans and family SUVs, basing on America's past and current automobile market sales. This Italian manufacturer though, is headstrong in preserving its image as a sporting marque; making fans worldwide, including the U.S., excited about its talked-about roadster, the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider. Expected to come out in the coming year, fans will just have to wait for the debut and roll off with their current Alfa-Romeos.

Car Cover World is as passionate as our car enthusiast customers, if not more, in sophisticated and/or luxury cars, but more especially with the classic and iconic ones. Maintenance and proper storage are our two biggest passions and our goal is to provide our customers the widest array of car covers and seat cover options. There are only a few businesses that carry storage needs for Alfa-Romeo, and we are proud to be one of those who can cater to this iconic brand and to a loyal "Alfista".

Not all "Alfisti", an Italian term used for Alfa-Romeo enthusiasts, have the convenience to park their Alfa-Romeos in the garage. Obviously, this is a concern as in today's environment isn't as friendly as it used to be. Harsh UV rays alone can damage the car's paint and the heat, if you don't own a car cover or a windshield heat shield, can fade the inside of your Alfa-Romeo. Imagine the costs you'll have to pay for interior repairs.

At Car Cover World, you'll find different options for protection. We have multi-layered car cover fabrics for an all-weather protection, as well as protection from specific elements. We cater to your specific needs in order to help give your Alfa-Romeo the best protection it deserves. Indoor car covers are also available as we know and have proven how tiny dust particles can be very abrasive to your car's paint finish and how moisture can be very damaging to both your car's interior and exterior. Car Cover World's expert service reps will give you the best assistance for your car cover needs.

Car Covers and Seat Covers are Available for the Following Alpha Romeo Models 

GT Veloce

Duetto 1600
Giulia Sprint
TZ 2

6C 2500
6C 2300
8C 2900
6C 1750
8C 2300
6C 1500