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Coverking Silverguard Plus Fabric Swatch

  • Highest UV-Resistance: blocks nearly 100% UV rays
  • High Durability and Superior Strength: resists rips and tears
  • Water & Moisture-Resistant: wax-coated to resist light rain
  • Double-Stitched, Overlapped Seams for excellent leak resistance
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Elastic Tensioners Included in front and back
  • 1-Year Coverking Warranty

The Coverking Silverguard Plus is an excellent choice when your primary concern is protecting your vehicle from harsh UV rays.  The Silverguard Plus will not only protect your vehicle from succombing to damages that occur from over-exposure to sun, but will also keep the interior of your car nice and cool.  This is particularly helpful if this vehicle is your daily driver.  Made from heavy-duty 300 denier polyester, the Silverguard Plus is water-resistant and can block dirt, dust, and fine particles effectively. The wax coating on the thread provides an additional layer of moisture resistance.  The Silverguard Plus is the best choice for excessively sunny and hot locations.  Highly favored by car enthusiasts in the Florida, California, Arizona and New Mexico regions. Coverking uses double-stitching in their construction process by overlapping the seams for a leak-proof car cover. Known for its high durability and superior strength, the Silverguard Plus is suited well for both indoor and outdoor use, but is not designed to withstand heavy rain, snow, and ice. Elastic tensioners are included in front and back to keep the cover in place. All covers are backed by a 1-year warranty. 

Coverking Silverguard Plus Fabric Swatch

Order Fabric Swatches for Silverguard Plus Car Cover 

Not sure what fabric is right for you?  At Car Cover World, we understand just how important it is to get the right car cover for your situation. Especially when you're making a big investment, it is wise to take your time, research your options, and make an educated buying decision. One of the very best ways we've found to assist with this decision-making process is through our fabric swatch program. Order the swatches of the car cover fabrics you are interested in, and in just a few days we'll deliver them to your door.


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