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Factory Five Covers

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Car Cover World is the EXCLUSIVE Covercraft Dealer for Factory Five Cobra Car Covers

Your new Cobra cover will be custom-made-to-order in your choice of any indoor or outdoor fabric by Covercraft.  Covercraft is the undisputed leader in the making of high quality, custom-fit car covers.  Only the finest materials and fabrics are used to create a truly custom, handcrafted cover.  The top selling Factory Five Cobra car cover, favored by most FFC enthusiasts, is the Covercraft Weathershield HP, because of it's versatile ability for both indoor and outdoor usage.  read more >>

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The Weathershield HP is an excellent defender against rain, snow, and UV, and because of it's dust blocking capabilities, is also ideal for long term indoor storage. And what better vehicle to protect than a Factory Five Cobra, because unlike most sports cars, this "darling car of the kit car industry" is truly reminiscent of the blue Cobra that Craig Anderson used to drive, and its certainly worthy of preserving that legacy.

Although technically a kit car, the Factory Five Cobra is in a league of it's own. Debunking the stigma that has befallen kit cars, the FFR Cobra proved to be, and is still enchanting many, a handful- in-a-good-way roadster. A smooth as a Fox-Body Mustang, the Factory Five Cobra is loved by many, especially those who enjoy an engineering and design feat. They say within every Factory Five Cobra beats the heart of a Mustang. The engineering and design genius of brothers David and Mark Smith brought forth the most loved hobby of the male population; building their very own sports car. With off-the-shelf parts from Fox-Bodied Mustangs such as the engine, transmission, and suspension pieces, you'll have a brand spanking new two-seater sports car that is sure to turn heads. What makes the Factory Five Cobra stand out is its impressive power and economic sense. For $20,000, you get a frame and a body from FFR, ready for you to complete with aftermarket parts and accessories. Surely, there's nothing more physically rewarding than finally getting your hands behind the wheel of a sports car you've created almost from scratch. With a 5.0L engine sporting top-end mods for hot street power, the Factory Five Cobra is an industrial-strength thrill nearly anyone can afford.