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Covercraft Dustop Fabric Swatch

  • Virtually Dust-Proof: dust-barrier layer protects against even the finest dust particles
  • Rated Highest for long-term indoor storage
  • 4-Layer Fabric provides a soft cushion for indoor hazards, dents and dings
  • Softest Paint-Protecting Inner Layer gives cover a soft-touch on your paint
  • Highly Breathable Fabric: allows condensation, heat, and moisture to quickly escape
  • Highest Performance indoor fabric available
  • 4-Year Covercraft Warranty

The Covercraft Dustop car cover is a best-selling, top of the line, indoor car cover because of it's ability to be virtually dust-proof. The multi-layer, non-woven fabric construction provides substantially better dust protection, unlike that of traditionally woven material. The middle layer, "dust-barrier", which is a melt-blown polypropylene, acts as the superior barrier against dust, making it the preferred choice among car enthusiasts who are store their vehicles indoor for short or long durations.  Among other indoor car covers, the ease of installation, price/value, and performance of the Dustop cover is unmatched. This Kimberly-Clark material delivers long-standing performance by keeping your vehicle free of dust and dirt, even after prolonged periods of storage. The thickness of the fabric also gives good ding and dent protection to common indoor hazards such as bikes, kids, door dings, and miscellaneous garage threats.  No temperature controlled environment for your vehicle? No problem.  The Dustop ensures excellent breathability should heat, moisture, condensation or humidity accumulate underneath your car or cover.  The Dustop cover has 4-year warranty. 

Dustop Fabric Swatch

Order Fabric Swatches for Dustop Car Cover 

Not sure what fabric is right for you?  At Car Cover World, we understand just how important it is to get the right car cover for your situation. Especially when you're making a big investment, it is wise to take your time, research your options, and make an educated buying decision. One of the very best ways we've found to assist with this decision-making process is through our fabric swatch program. Order the swatches of the car cover fabrics you are interested in, and in just a few days we'll deliver them to your door.


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