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CoverKing Sunshields

coverking sunshields made in usa

The CoverKing Sunshields are popular among motorists for their vehicles' sun protection needs. CoverKing successfully managed to craft a custom sunshield that sounds simple to create at the very outset, but difficult to execute. With the special high density foam laminated between two layers of MylarTM, CoverKing was able to achieve optimum reflection and insulation without compromising the flexibility of materials.

Custom-made to perfectly fit your car's windshield, the CoverKing Sunshields will fit tightly against your windshield and locks in with the help of your windshield's existing outer frame. Made with durable and flexible materials, the Sunshields have great shape retention properties great for long-term use. All Sunshields are backed by a 1-year warranty.

CoverKing Sunshields

Superior Sun Protection for your Vehicle's Interior

  • High Quality Custom Fit sun protection for car, truck, and SUV
  • Tri-Laminated Material precisely cut to exacting standards
  • Aluminized Coating for outer MylarTM layer; Blocks virtually 100% UV rays
  • High Density Foam Core for superior insulation
  • Inside Mylar Layer for foam core protection
  • Easy Install and Remove; Flexible materials
  • Shape Retention Properties
  • Black Felt Edging
  • 1-Year Warranty

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Availability: In stock

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