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Covercraft UVS100 Shield Bags

The UVS100 Shield bag is used to store your UVS100 Heat Shield/Sun Shield. Covercraft works to ensure that it can provide maximum protection for your car and for everything that protects your car. The UVS100 Shield Bags not only act as storage for sunshields when not in use, but are also specially designed to keep the shield's original accordian design. Sunshields have bonded silver, sun-reflective material that takes the frontline in protecting your cars interior from extreme heat. Without proper handling and storage, the reflective material of ordinary sunshields can peel off over time after taking an extended beating from harmful UV rays. The Shield Bags help protect the sunshields from improper handling and maintain the shield's integrity. The bag keeps the car neat and organized while extending the life of your car's primary sunscreen.

Covercraft Shield Bag

Storage Bag for UVS100 HeatShield

  • For use with the UVS100 HeatShield
  • Keeps SunShield in top shape, protects shield from losing accordion design from improper storage
  • Prevent damages to the sunshield's silver, sun-reflective material
  • Prevents sunshield from unfolding
  • Extend the shield's shelf life and retain its brand new condition
  • Fabric color: Black

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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