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Powersports & Motorcycle

covercraft powersports covers

  1. Covercraft Form-Fit Motorcycle Covers Red

    Covercraft Form-Fit Motorcycle Cover


    Luxury Indoor Motorcycle Cover Designed for 10 ft. Choppers or Less, Full Dress Touring Bikes, Cruisers and Sport Bikes
    • Luxury Indoor Fabric fits your motorcycle like a glove
    • Lightweight Spandex Polyester Knit stretches and follows the bike's every curve and line
    • 100% Cotton Terry Loop for the underside
    • Fleece Finish on the underside provides a luxurious touch against bike's surface
    • Machine Wash and Dry
    • Fabric Color: Black, Charcoal Gray, Dark Blue, Silver Gray, Hunter Green, Bright Red
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser and subject to factory inspection Form Fit Logo
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  2. Weathershield Pack Lite Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover Blue

    Weathershield Motorcycle Cover (Harley Davidson)


    Treat your Harley Right with a Premium Weathershield Cover
    • Water Resistant Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits cover
    • Superior Dry Time Fabric sheds moisture and dries in minutes
    • Excellent UV Protection
    • Highly Breathable to allow heat, vapor, and condensation to escape from under the cover
    • Dust-Proof Patented fiber encapsulation process prevents dust<
    • Ultra Compact Cover folds to 7 x 7 x 8 inches at most
    • Includes Elastic in the Hem at Front and Rear to secure cover in place
    • Fabric Color: Black, Light Blue, Gray, Bright Blue, Green, Red, Taupe, Yellow
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchase Covercraft Weathershield HP
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  3. Pack Lite Weathershield Semi Custom-Fit Motorcycle Cover Black

    Weathershield Semi Custom-Fit Motorcycle Cover


    Best Selling Motorcycle Cover
    • Weatherproof Fabric: water beads up and rolls down upon hitting the cover
    • Patterned for Every Bike Style
    • Overlapped, Double-Stitched Seams for superior strength
    • UV-Resistant Fabric prevents heat buildup and protects the bike's finish and all parts
    • Theft Resistance Coated steel cable sewn into the cover around tie-down grommets
    • Non-Abrasive Polymers provide silky smooth touch to the paint and windscreen
    • Fade-Resistant Fabric is solution-dyed and color goes all the way through the fibers
    • Fabric Color: Black, Bright Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Red, Taupe, Yellow
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser cWeathershield HP Car Cover Logo
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  4. Covercraft ATV Covers

    Covercraft ATV Covers


    Ready-FIt ATV Cover in Camo or Silver

    • Made of Urethane-Coated Polyester that reflects heat and UV rays or Green Camo Finish
    • Available in Five (5) Sizes to fit most ATVs with and without racks
    • Double Stitched, Overlapped Seams for maximum strength
    • Elastic Front and Rear Hems hold cover in place
    • Includes Reinforced Grommets for tie-downs or cable locks
    • Lightweight Fabric
    • Fabric Color: Silver, Camocovercraft powersports logo
    • 2-Year Warranty
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  5. Covercraft Boat, Watercraft & PWC Covers

    Covercraft Watercraft Covers


    If it floats, we can make a cover for it!

    • Designed for Trailering: Features strong, bar-tacked tie-down loops to secure cover
    • Reflexite® Safety Reflector Strips sewn on the back end of the cover
    • Marine-Tested Fabric won't transfer color to the watercraft
    • Protects Against UV Damage
    • Water-Resistant breathable fabric
    • Overlapped, Double-Stitched Seams for superior strength
    • Heavy-duty, Multi-Strand Shock Cord sewn around the entire hem is adjustable
    • Includes Sewn-In Mesh Bag for water gear storagecovercraft powersports logo
    • Zippered Gas Cap Access Panel to allow fueling during trailering
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  6. Covercraft Scooter Covers

    Covercraft Scooter Covers


    Ready-Fit Scooter Covers

    • Silver Urethane-Coated Deck Panel reflects UV rays
    • Available in Six (6) Sizes to fit scooters w/ or w/o windscreens, saddlebags, or rear storage
    • Moisture-Resistant Top panel vent allows moisture and fumes to escape
    • Extra Strong Seams are double-stitched and overlapped
    • Neoprene Elastic in Front and Rear Hems keep cover in place
    • Lightweight Side Panels are made of PVC-coated nylon for easy handling and storage
    • Reinforced Security Grommets allow the use of bike locks
    • Fabric Color: Silvercovercraft powersports logo
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser
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  7. Covercraft Semi-Custom Motorcycle Covers

    Covercraft Semi-Custom Motorcycle Covers


    Ready-Fit Motorcycle Protection
    • Overlapped, Double-Stitched Seams for superior strength
    • UV-Reflective Coating Silver-colored urethane coating to polyester fabric
    • Water-Resistant
    • Includes Screened Air Vent for additional breathability
    • Theft Deterrent grommets w/ multi-strand steel cable sewn inside the cover
    • Includes Elastic in the Hem at Front and Rear to secure cover in place
    • With Heat Shield along the bottom of cover where it contacts engine, pipes and brake rotor
    • Fabric Color: Silvercovercraft powersports logo
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty to original purchaser
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