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  • Covercraft Multi-Color Weathershield HP Taupe and Black Covercraft Multi-Color Weathershield HP Taupe and Black


Covercraft Multi-Color Weathershield HP Fabric Swatch

The Covercraft Multi-Color WeatherShield HP is the same great high performance fabric as the standard Weathershield HP, but is a fun way to customize the fabric in any color combination you want.   There are a total of 56 color combinations available for the multi-color.   The weathershield is an outstanding, single-layer outdoor or indoor cover that protects from elements such as rain, snow, dirt, dust, moisture, bird drizzle, tree sap, UV/sun, and heat.  One of the reasons the colors of the cover stays so vibrant is because of the solution dyed fibers. Each fiber is individually dyed prior to weaving the fabric.  In addition, the production process involves the use of special additives to ensure the cover's high UV resistance properties. The encapsulation formula during fabric construction includes silicone polymers that effectively protect your car's finish and keep the cover smooth to the touch. The Covercraft WeatherShield is also very lightweight, and dries in minutes with a single shake of the cover.   This cover is not only easy to handle on and off your vehicle, it can also be thrown right in your own washer and dryer for at-home laundering.  The Weathershield Multi-Color car cover has 4 year Covercraft warranty.

Fit and Availabilty

The Covercraft Weathershield Multi Color is designed to be a lightweight cover and fit your vehicle absolutely perfectly. Covercraft Industries has innovated this unique design and will handcraft a cover that is made to suit your color preference, style, and exact vehicle specifications. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, van or another type of specialty automobile, we guarantee it will fit like a glove.  Each product is custom made right here in the USA. The Weathershield Multi-Color fabric can be custom-fit for the following vehicle applications: Weathershield Multi Color Car Cover.

Fabric Swatches
Your satisfaction is important to us!  If you are unsure what fabric is best for you, we recommend ordering a set of Weathershield HP fabric swatches first.  

Weathershield Multi-Color

Maximum All-Weather, Rain, Snow, Dirt/Dust

  • Premium Solution-Dyed fibers resist fading w/ excellent color retention
  • Dramatic Rain Dispersion: water beads up and rolls right off
  • Superior Dry Time: cover fabric sheds moisture immediately and dries in minutes
  • Breathable Materials allow heat and condensation to escape easily and quickly
  • UV Resistant Fabric keeps vehicle cool on the inside
  • Packs Small: roughly only 1/3 the bulk as multi-layer fabrics
  • Superior Paint Finish Protection: ensures silky-smooth interior finish
  • 4-Year Covercraft Warranty

$324.00 - $629

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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