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  • Covercraft Interior Weathershield HP Red Covercraft Interior Weathershield HP Red


Covercraft Interior WeatherShield HP

Known as the high performace cover fabric of choice, the Covercraft Interior WeatherShield HP delivers high quality craftsmanship in its ability to protect from both outdoor and indoor weather and environmental threats. Custom-tailored to fit your convertible perfectly, the fabric stays in place and is a lightweight design for easy manageability. The reinforced UV protection prevents interior damage which can occur in extreme heat. The breathable fabric allows evaporation of humidity, moisture and condensation build up. The special additives used during construction gives off extra shelf life to the fabric. All covers are backed by a 4-year warranty for this series.

Fabric Swatches
Your satisfaction is important to us!  If you are unsure what fabric is best for you, we recommend ordering a set of Weathershield HP fabric swatches first.  

Weathershield HP Interior Cover

High Performance Protection when your Convertible Top is Down

  • WeatherShield is an excellent choice for convertibles in most light weather conditions
  • Uses premium fully solution-dyed fibers that help retains original color
  • Soft under-layer protects your convertible's upholstery and trimmings
  • Dramatic rain dispersion; water beads up as soon as it hits the fabric
  • Long-wearing and durable; because of additives used in the encapsulation formula
  • Special coating blocks moisture, tree sap, dust, and bird droppings
  • High level of reinforced UV protection
  • Good dimensional stability keeps the cover in place
  • Low maintenance; home wash and dry
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 4-year warranty
$81 - $132

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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