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  • Covercraft Cab Forward Noah Covercraft Cab Forward Noah


Covercraft Cab Forward Noah

The Covercraft Cab Forward Noah is a popular favorite of truck/pickup owners due to its remarkable ability to withstand heat, heavy rain, dents and dings, and even snow. It is specially designed for outdoor use and provides more protection than is normally expected of a car cover. Highly impact-resistant, the polyethylene and nylon blend can even take on light hail. The fabric's layers work together to create a very strong shield from virtually any outside elements that can harm a truck's exterior and interior. The Covercraft Cab Forward Noah is always a great choice all-weather protection. All covers are backed by a 4-year warranty.  

Fabric Swatches
Unsure if the Noah cover is the right fabric for you?  Order a Noah Fabric Swatch

Noah Cab Area

Best Selling, All-Weather Car Cover

  • Cab Forward Noah is an excellent all-around, all-weather protector
  • Uniquely constructed from industry-leading Kimberly-Clark fabric
  • Soft-Touch inner layer consists of a polyethylene/nylon blend for gentle touch
  • Inside layer effectively repels water and dust
  • Excellent durability and heat resistance
  • Fabric color: gray, which helps resist heat <
  • Easy to manage for a multi-layer cover
  • 4-year warranty

$229 - $329

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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